What's the difference between "Kenpo" and "Kempo" you ask? There's only one main answer.  The difference in spelling refers to how it is pronounced as seen in the cultural Kanji when translated to English. Some Martial Arts Enthusiast hold the aspect that more traditional styles use "Kempo" and more contemporary styles use "Kenpo". Some in the Martial Arts Forum suggest that "Kempo" refers to Japanese-based foundations of teachings and "Kenpo" refers to Chinese-based foundations.

     Nippon Kempo is aimed at the development of the mind and body, strong character, and self-confidence. The student of Nippon Kempo comes to appreciate and understand the mental and physical aspects of the Martial Art as well as the harmonious relationship between them. It is through the study of this Martial Art that one realizes the weakness and the magnificent strength of the Human Spirit, in turn learning self-respect for the Human Body and Mind.
     The teachings of Nippon Kempo are founded on a principal set philosophy: inward radiating outward, combines gentleness with hardness and compassion with strength. The symbol of a circle with eight enclosed small circles is the visual representation of the philosophy, which in present days is shown by a patch, which every Kempo practitioner has on his uniform (Gi). Each small circle represents a part of the philosophy of Nippon Kempo: Mind, Body, Spirit, Strength, Skill, Art, Way and Rule.

     Nippon Kempo is a way of life based on the realization of the interrelation and interaction of all things and knowledge. Its ultimate objective is to cultivate a state of balance in man, not by the cultivation of strength and power, exhibited in competition or used violently just for the sake of injury. Kempo emphasizes the cultivation of a balanced body and mind in which Love, Wisdom, Courage and Health abide. One must experience the way of Nippon Kempo.