Strength or size does not determine the effectiveness of the techniques of Nippon Kempo, but rather by knowledge and application of rational, scientific and medical principles. Using knowledge and application, a person of virtually any sex, age, size, or strength can effectively protect oneself. By applying pressure to certain "switches" or pressure points, located in the muscles, bones, or nerves, any person can effectively subdue an opponent of greater size and strength. Nippon Kempo develops a person's skills and enhances the strengths through various regimens. The following are some areas of focus and strategies used to achieve proficiency in Nippon Kempo. 
              1. KATAS (Forms)   
                           Short and Long
              2. WAZAS (Techniques)
                          Striking, Kicking, Throwing, Grappling (Ground
                          Combat), Reverse Holds, and Submission Holds
              3. BODY MOVEMENTS
                          Straight, Bending, and Circular
              4. SPARRING
                          Foam Equipment (Beginning Levels)

                          Bogu Equipment (Advanced Levels)
              5.  MENTAL and SPIRITUAL AWARENESS
              6.  CONTROL of ANGER and FEAR