There are many styles of patches. One is the U.S. Style and the other is the Japan(Osaka) Style. The symbol of a circle with eight enclosed small circles is the visual representation of the Nippon Kempo philosophy, which in present days is shown by a patch, which every Kempo practitioner has on his uniform (Gi). The larger center circle represents Kempo (Law of the Fist). Each small circle represents a part of the philosophy of Nippon Kempo:

                                    1.   Mind   (Shin)            5.    Skill   (Gi)
                                    2.   Body   (Tai)              6.    Art   (Jutsu)
                                    3.   Spirit   (Ki)               7.    Way   (Do)
                                    4.   Strength   (Riki)        8.    Rule   (Ho)


     There are other patches associated with other styles of Nippon Kempo. The two patches above are associated with the USA (American Nippon Kempo) and OSAKA, Japan (Nippon Kempo Kai) styles.
     Other styles are affiliated as INTERNATIONAL Nippon Kempo Styles varying in location.    Also many bogu competitors are represented from different regions when competiting in INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENTS. Their patches are presented here out of respect and honor for the MARTIAL ART of NIPPON KEMPO.