Jof Lee - pianist /composer

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Jof first began exploring the many puzzles and mysteries of music as a child in Colorado through the mid 1950's and during the post-bop era of the early 1960's. In the days before the academic world began taking a legitimate interest in teaching and promoting jazz, he relied greatly on the wealth of musical knowledge and life experience imparted ( not infrequently unkindly! ) by the "elder"musicians from the Colorado jazz scene.

After many years of practice; studies in music composition, an association with the Norad Band personnel in Colorado Springs and hundreds of gigs and performances, Jof began to emerge as a pianist/composer dedicated to his art. Throughout the 70's , he refined his skills in a variety of settings; solo piano, trio, large ensembles and along the way acquired a life-long passion for film, ballet and orchestral composition.

Two separate but equally profound encounters with the New York jazz scene in the late 70's found him within the musical sphere of jazz tenor giant Stan Getz. It was due to Stans' urging and inspiration that Jof was able to continue along the path. After further private studies in New York City, he began traveling and performing with many world class musicians, appearing in venues throughout Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States .

In the early 80's Jof relocated to the Pacific Northwest where he became the musical director/pianist for beloved Portland vocalist Marianne Mayfield. In the late 80's Jof began a long and fruitful relationship with the legendary bassist Leroy Vinnegar . This association yielded several fine recordings including the NAIRD award winner "Walkin' the Basses" sold on the Contemporary Records label. In addition, he has performed as a sideman on many other provocative projects. He currently works and travels with his own trio, or as a soloist, performing both domestically and internationally.

As well as a performing pianist, Jof is also very active as a composer and arranger. His work can be enjoyed in a variety of settings; on recordings, over the internet and on film .


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All sequenced music heard in this site has been arranged and performed by Jof Lee.