Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

nu ku mo ri o   mo to me te ha ha no   to me so de ni   u de o to o se ba   a wa yu ki no hu ru

Mom’s formal kimono
putting my arm
into a sleeve
looking for warmth
Soft snow falling

ha na ga ra no   ka sa o na na me ni   ka ta mu ke te   nu re te yo ka to yo   ha ru sa me ja ke n

A flower-patterned umbrella
tilted slantingly
a woman standing
getting wet in spring rain
all right

「そやかてな、政府は国籍くれへんねん」洋子は洋子 洋子は洋子
so ya ka te na   se i hu wa ko ku se ki   ku re he n ne n   yo o ko wa  yuh ja   yuh ja wa yo o ko

“You say so, but…
unattainable is citizenship”
for a Korean like her
Yoko is Yuh ja
Yuh ja is Yoko

ha za ku ra no   ka ge de ta yu to o   shi ro cho o no   o mo wa se bu ri na   se n zo ku a ta ri

Yesterday’s red-light Senzoku
White butterflies
behind leafy cherry trees
flying seductively

ma do ro mi te   ha ri yo ri o tsu ru   a o da i sho o   ki ma ri wa ru so na   ha chi ga tsu no go go

An August afternoon
on a naked ceiling
out of a beam
a blue-green big snake
dozed off
dropped off
looked embarrassed
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