Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

<o ra n da> o   o me e shi n ne ka   so no i mi wa   <o re> to i u ko to  <wa ta shi> to do o gi go

an unfamiliar word to you
“Ore” is its meaning
interchangeable with “me”

shi ka ra re ta   ko do mo mi ta i ni   ta tsu no o to shi go   u wa me zu ka i ni   wa re o mi tsu mu ru

A sea horse
like a scolded child
it casts its upward glance
in obedience

ju u go ya ni   a ki ku sa hu de ga ki   so na u re do   tsu ki no u sa gi wa   yu ku e no shi re zu

Offerings to a fullmoon
wild autumn flowers
branches of persimmon
A rabbit on the moon
it strolled away

a no ki zu no   i e nu o ha ha wa   ka na shi mi te   i sshi n hu ra ni   o o na be mi ga ku

sad and helpless
keeping on cleaning a huge iron pot
feeling her daughter’s
unhealed scar

yo ku ne ru wa   sho ku wa hu to i wa   su ki ppu su ru wa   a na ta ta shi ka ni   ki ju na n de su ka

You sleep well
You have a great appetite
You skip playfully
Darling, are you really
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