Japan Society of Fairfield County
Annual Meeting 2009

Sunday October 25, 2009

Newly Elected     New officers and directors were elected to serve one year terms and are listed on the organization page.
     Harry Sakamaki briefly described the historic nature of the barn in which the meeting was being held at Bush Holley House in Greenwich and how it had, in the late 19th century, served as the summer location of an impressionist school of art which included one of the first Japanese artists, Yeto Genjiro, to work in America. He then called upon Russell  Handleman, the Society’s Treasurer, to report on the financial condition of the Society. Mr. Handleman proceeded to report that that the Society ended 2009 in better condition than 2008. He noted that although membership dues were down 11%, primarily due to fewer patronage memberships the special events featured by the Society over the year had done better financially and communication costs had been reduced some 80% through reliance on internet communications rather than the mail. The net result is that bank balances are up 28% over the beginning of the year in spite of the introduction of new events. Accordingly, he concluded, there is no need to increase membership fees this coming year.  Finally, he noted that this would be his final report as Treasurer, a post he filled for more than a decade. He plans to remain active in the Society; particularly in conjunction with JSFC movie program he does with the Kleinman's. Vernon Beck noted that the first recipient of the Uezumi Award had been selected and the award will be presented at our Oshogatsu event in January. Dr. Beck also discussed the sad fate of the Nojima Cherry Trees in Stamford.
      We thank our members for their contributions to our pot luck luncheon: Reiko & Nicky Achiwa- wine and Japanese vegitable stew; Nancy & Vernon Beck-cashunuts cake; Tomoko Dougan-crape cake; Atsuko Giampaoli-california rolls and futomaki; Vicky Hackman-salad; Kazuki & Keiji Inoue-pumpkin spice cake; Howard Jaffe-champaign and wine; Yoko & Takaya Kurimoto-meatloaf; Kaori O'Brine-cookies; Hiroko & Harry Sakamaki- sake and chiken stew; Nina Syreitfeld-california rolls; Junko Uezumi-red bean rice; Naomi & Joe Manning-salmon mixed sushi and strawberries.
     After the meeting we did some origami and unit origami and watched a video presentation of Rakugo, Japanese style comedy, of a person trying to short change the noodle man.
      The membership year is now the same as the calendar year. Please keep your dues paid up so we don't have to charge you the non-member rate. If you did not receive an email notice for the annual meeting, please send us your email. It will help insure that you receive priority notification and reservation rights for our events. We currently have emails for approximately 2/3 our membership. We will be sending out emails to all members when significant new information is posted on the web site.
      We welcome volunteers to help run our society and serve as future directors and officers. Involvement now trains one for future leadership.

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