Japan Society of Fairfield County
Movie: The Sirota Family and the 20th Century

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at the Greenwich Japanese School

The Sirota Family and the 20th Century   Directed by Tomoko Fujiwara.
      This documentary film follows the extraordinary story of the Sirotas, a Jewish family originally from Ukraine, that was displaced to Vienna, Tokyo, Warsaw, Paris and the United States. This family's life was roiled by the horrors of the 20th century. The film also pays tribute to the life of Beate Sirota Gordon, the daughter of internationally renowned pianist Leo Sirota, who lived in Japan for two decades starting in 1929. Beate was able to rejoin her parents in Japan after the war by becoming a member of the team that worked under Douglas MacArthur on the postwar Constitution of Japan. An outspoken defender of Article 9, the war-renouncing clause of the Japanese Constitution, Gordon drafted the women's rights clause in the postwar Japanese Constitution, still considered a landmark document. Beate's contribution to Japanese women's equality has made her an American icon in Japan. 
      A discussion of the film followed its screening.
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