Junzo Nojima and Stamford's Cherry Trees: A Kamishibai Presentation
Junzo and a cherry tree
Once, Junzo decided to spend the rest of his life in Japan. He built a three storied reinforced concrete building that was based on an American life on the top of the hill in Ibuski, Kagoshima prefecture, and moved there with his wife. Since Junzo built a magnificent building which people of his hometown Onotsu could use, local people called this house "the Nojima Palace". However, although he was actually living in Japan, he longed for Stamford. He came and went between Japan and America for some time. Soon, he gave up living in Japan and went back to America. After that, the palace was sold. Later, Junzo said the following, "Why I was called Junior was probably because local people found it difficult to pronounce 'Junzo', but I made an effort to talk and become friendly with all the local people, caring nothing about my broken English. Stamford, where I chose to live, is a wonderful location for me. I am the happiest living here."
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