Kamishibai presentation on Genjiro
Life in Holley House
Genjiro enjoyed staying at Holley House. Dinner was one of his favorite times. Artists, novelists, and journalists gathered and shared one dinner table. They all enjoyed wonderful meals hostess Mrs. Josephine Holley prepared with fresh food from her garden. They discussed their own paintings, new painting methods, and heard news from travelers until late at night. A friend said “Today, I walked to the seaside and found a place where we can see the whole seascape of beautiful Long Island Sound.” Genjiro replied “Is that so? It must be beautiful. I’d like to see it on a clear day and paint it. Please take me there the next time you go.” Taking these opportunities, Genjiro found new and different subjects, such as landscapes, seascapes, and historical buildings. His painting skills grew.
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