gen ken-TYPO/FORMATS gen ken montgomery -discocgraphy

The Sound of Spit and Duct Tape Being Laminated -edition of 30 CDRs

Slice of Life - Laminated Bread CD - A.T.M.O.T.W. 2003

Pondfloorsample - Double CD with liner notes galore on XI Records New York City 2002

OUTER EYE/INNER EAR CDRom Generator Sound Art 2002
POP TONG PANG TICK PONG -The Sound of Bubble Wrap on Banned Productions
ICEBREAKER - mini 3 inch CD re-mix on Staalplaat, The Netherlands 2001
Droneskipclickloop - 4 CDR set - 2000 Generator Sound Art, New York City 2001
Public Hearing - The Architecture of the Incidental - 2000 GD Stereo, New York
The Sound of Lamination - 1999 Firework Editions CD Box, Stockholm, Sweden
Wake Up! - Because Tomorrow Comes CD, 1999 Köln, Germany
Washing The Hare - Psychogeographical Dip. CD, GD Stereo
Thank You, Thank You - 1996 America Salutes Merzbow CD,
Icebreaker 1992 edited re-mix of Ice Breaker released on Tellus CD MiniMall
Keystone Model CC 16 - 1992 State of The Union CD- Produced by Elliot Sharp
Sound of Lamintion record- 1994, Brooklyn 7 inch,
Beyond My Ken - LP, Disco Esplendor Geometrico Madrid, Spain 1989
GENCON New Dramtic Electronic Music, w/Conrad Schnitzler, Generations Unlimited 1988
Greatest Hits -LP, De Fabriek, The Netherlands 1985
Treat The Hell Out Of It -flexi-disc, On-Slaught - USA 1982
The Beat of The Refrigerator -Cas. a.t.m.o.t.w. brooklyn, 1994
Gen Ken/Chop - Cas. Fragment ND, Austin Texas, 1992
Mall Muzak - Cas. for installation at the New Museum of Contemporary Art NYC, 1992
Endogeny - Cas. released by Direction Music 1990
Drilling Holes in the Wall - Cas. recorded in berlin 1989
Because Why -Cas. -recorded live at Generator 1989
OnomAtopiA meccCANIcA - Cas. - Old Europa Cafe 1990
Stepping through Rooms-Cas. -Generations Unlimited1987
The One Sided Triangle -Cas. -Generations Unlimited1987
Collaborations II Cas. -Out Of The Blue, Berlin
Kalckreuth Keks Cas. -berlin at Con's studio 1986
Gen Con Dramatic -Cas. -live berlin Sound of Pig 1986
Beatmusik -Songs 1981-1984 Cas. -Sound of Pig, 1987
Gen Ken & Equipment -Cas. Self Produced, 1981