No longer my 1966 Emberglo Mustang
My Roush 427R
After pictures.

This is how my car looked when I saw it on the Volo website.  Because I lack much mechanical ability I decided to get a car that was for the most part in good running condition.  All in all the car was good, but I have had to put a fair amount into the car, and still some little work needs to be done. 
Most of the work I have had done was by Mustang Restorations of Dundee.  Talking with the owner I figure I payed a little more than the car was worth than if I would have had to start from scratch, but the time I saved and my lack of mechanical ability was worth the amount!
3.5 years later, I sold the car back to Volo, and now will be getting an 07 Roush 427r.  Will update site then



Below are some before pictures. You can click on the picture to see in better detail the car before the cosmetic changes were made.

Original deluxe wheel and wrong color for the dash
Also incorrect AC unit and old am radio.

Door trim held on by wood screws!

Wrong color for the dash. Wrong ac unit.

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