Dr. Kyoo Lee, LaGrange College, GA, USA
Postmodernism and its Background
Kyoo Lee
Humanities II
Moral Philosophy
Postmodernism and its Background
Good and Bad in Philosophy Essays - Ronald Hepburn's Guide
Hints for Beginners on Writing Philosophy Essays, Useful and Detailed - Bill Tarrant's Guide 
Logical Fallacies- The Adam Smith Institute (Link Introduced by Prof. Tracy Lightcap, LaGrange College)
Logical Fallacies Index - Stephen's Guide (Link Introduced by Prof. Tracy Lightcap, LaGrange College)
Philosophy Writing Guide - Emily Brady-Haapala's Guide


[W01 Introduction: Organisational Meeting]
[W02 Modern (Continental) Rationalism]
Descartes, Meditations
Spinoza, Ethics
Leibniz, the Monadology 
[W05 Hegel: The Dialectic of Subjectivity and Objectivity]
On Hegel (Short); Hegel (for Beginners); Hegel (Marxist); Hegel (by Houlgate)
Glossary of Hegelian Terms
[W06 (Pre-Kantian/Hegelian/Enlightenment) Social-Political Philosophy]
Machiavelli, The Prince
Hume, The life of David Hume, Esq; the philosopher and historian, written by himself
[W08 Kierkegaard: Either/Or]
Kierkegaard, The Essential Kierkegaard [LC library e-book]
Commentary by Storm; by Lee in Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-century Thought (LC lib hard copy)
Annotation by Shapiro 
Kierkegaard Resources: Useful links
O'Hara, Kierkegaard Within Your Grasp  [LC library e-book]
Strawser, Both/and : Reading Kierkegaard : From Irony to Edification [LC library e-book]
[W10 Nietzsche: Affirmative Nihilism]
O'Hara, Nietzsche within your grasp [LC library e-book]
Nietzsche, Basic Writings of Nietzsche (Amazon searchable)
The Nietzsche Channel, The Nietzsche Channel (Resourceful bi-lingual site; Nietzsche's short writings)
The Anti-Christ; The Anti-Christ (Amazon searchable)
Daybreak: Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality (Amazon searchable)
Ecce Homo; Ecce Homo (Amazon searchable); Ecce Homo (German)
The Gay Science (Excerpts); The Gay Science (Amazon searchable) 
Schopenhauer as Educator (Excerpts) in Untimely Meditations (Amazon searchable)
Untimely Meditations (Amazon searchable)
The Will to Power (Book I); The Will to Power (Amazon searchable)