Vintage Postcards of Las Vegas, Nevada
Tichnor Bros./ Smith & Chandler Linen Era Cards

The Linen Postcard Era ranged roughly from the 1930's into the 1950's. These were interesting growth and development years for Las Vegas. The bright colors, and historical significance of the images on these postcards, led me to collecting them. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and had seen many of these same images in my early years.

Sometime in the 1940's ( my best guess ), Smith & Chandler - Indian Traders ... a store in Las Vegas, published a series of linen postcards, which were produced by Tichnor Brothers.

The following is a list of the Smith & Chandler postcards I have been able to identify or collect over the years. Cards with checkmarks are in my collection ... BLUE checkmarks indicate I have extras available for trade. Click on the thumbnail icon to see a scanned image of the card. This is the most complete sequence of Las Vegas Postcards I have ever been able to compile :-)

If you know of other postcards from this series, that are not on this list, I'd love to hear from you. Email me at:

Smith & Chandler Series Linen Cards

74656 Union Pacific Station, Las Vegas, Nevada

74657 Grammar School, Las Vegas, Nevada
74658 Wheel of Fortune, Las Vegas, Nevada

74659 Shooting Crap, Las Vegas, Nevada  
74660 Playing Tango, Las Vegas, Nevada
74661 Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas Nevada
74662 Boulder Dam - Upstream Face and Intake Towers from Arizona Side  
74663 Playing Roulette, Las Vegas, Nevada

74664 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada { features Smith & Chandler store }
74665 U.S. Senator Pat McCarran Handing Mail Bag to Pony Express Rider
74666 Nevada Biltmore Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada  
74667 Post Office and Federal Building, Las Vegas, Nevada
74668 Mt. Charleston, Commonly Known as the Western Alps, near Las Vegas, Nevada  
74669 Clark County Court House, Las Vegas, Nevada
74670 Downstream Face of Boulder Dam { Photo by Ullom - vertical format }  
74671 El Cortez Hotel, Cost $180,000, Las Vegas, Nevada
74672 Hotel El Rancho Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada - Built by the Hull Hotel Co. at a Cost of $425,000  
74673 Hotel Last Frontier, The Early West in Modern Splendor, Las Vegas, Nevada
74674 Las Vegas, Nevada. High School
74675 Fremont Street Looking East, Las Vegas, Nevada
74676 Gay 90's Bar, Hotel Last Frontier, Las Vegas, Nevada  
74677 Looking West on Fremont Street Toward Union Pacific Station at Night, Las Vegas, Nevada
74678 Greetings from Nevada - the One Sound State { state outline card }
74679 Greetings from Nevada { large letter style card }  
74680 Greetings From Las Vegas Nevada { large letter style card - shown above }

Many of the card titles above are similar to titles used on Curt-Teich cards of the same era ... but the images are different. If you have not seen my Curt-Teich linen era card list for Las Vegas then go here.