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NEWSDAY- June 27, 1997

"LOVE THAT FUSION Love Alien, a group led by vocalist Jill Margolis and guitarist Thomas Simon, is onto something new. Their band is like a fusion of Screaming Trees and Sophie B Hawkins. They have a slightly grungy psychedelic sound, and Margolis has a sensuous stage presence and breathy vocals that seem to owe a bit to performance art. It's an intriguing and original sound that is often riveting. The group is about to release its second recording, "Lost, Dark and Insane" on its own Love Alien label.

Jersey Beat - February 1999

LOVE ALIEN - Blue Planet Preview (Endorphin Records, P.O. Box 242 Cooper Station New York, NY 10276) Grunged-up, highly ominous and uniquely psychedelicized Gothic-style sonic rumbling. Jill Margolis' haunting, purring moan and Thomas Simon's husky growl trade off on the vocals, complementing each other beautifully. Simon's searing, fiercely lingering guitar rifts, Liorr Shulman's gutty drums, and Francois Gehin's dense, bottom-heavy bass lines vividly create a calmly flowing, throbbing, very brooding and sinister aural witch's brew that's every bit as creepy and compelling as it ought to be. - Joe Wawyrzniak

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