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Discover the Texas way to landscape your spread - no matter how large or small. Whether you want butterflies, birds, or buffalo, native plants attract good "neighbors". They're the natural way to help feed a migratory songbird or cut down on pesticide use in your environment. Native plants take a minimum of care and are ideally suited to the unpredictable whims of Texas weather. Choose our pre-adapted natives instead of those water-guzzling imports.





Seed-Grown Texas Native Plants
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We're celebrating 25 years and invite you to stop by soon. Madrone Nursery is a family-owned and operated Texas native plant resource located less than 10 minutes off of Interstate 35 South outside of San Marcos, Texas. Here on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, we container grow over 300 species of trees, shrubs, grasses, yuccas, vines, and perennials - with an emphasis on selections from the Edward's Plateau and Trans-Pecos regions of the state.

We use a custom, locally adapted soil mix so our stock is ideal for large landscaping and revegetation projects. And because we collect our own seeds from select extra-hardy parents, you'll find that Madrone Nursery plants will often thrive where others fail.

Call us for rare and hard-to-find species, as we are continually introducing promising selections to the Southwest community. In 1994, owner Dan Hosage, was awarded a U.S. Patent for "Traveller," a weeping form of the Texas Redbud which has received several national horticulture awards.On bug patrol at the nursery

Open by appointment only - so please call ahead at (512) 353-3944.

Madrone Nursery
2318 Hilliard Road, San Marcos, TX 78666
Phone/Fax: 512-353-3944

Email: madronenursery@earthlink.net

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Through the years, over a million Madrone Nursery propagated plants have been used for extensive revegetation projects, commercial and residential landscapes, and site reclamation.

Consult our extensive client/site listings to see how we keep Texas looking like Texas.

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