Amole Plant - Texas Aloe (Manfreda maculosa)
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|succulents|evergreen|height 12-18"|spread 18-20"|part shade|white/pink flowers in Spring|
Texas Aloe (Manfreda maculosa) Amole Plant - Texas Aloe (Manfreda maculosa)

We now have Amole Plant (Manfreda maculosa) available in quantity. Dan introduced this gorgeous, shade-tolerant South Texas native to the nursery trade in 1992 but too many times our chickens had discovered and decimated the sprouted seedlings. This time he remembered the hardware cloth.

Although the plant resembles an aloe vera at first glance, the attractive mottled leaves and large, exotic looking 30" bloom spikes get everyone's attention in the Spring. Texas Aloe does well in dappled shade and the foilage is freeze tolerant in protected locations. In unusually cold winters, the leaves do freeze back but regrow quickly from the fleshy root when conditions improve.

No part of this plant is deer-resistant, they will eat the leaves, flowers and paw up the roots if they can reach them.

Exotic spikes of flowers in Spring
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