Hinckley Columbine (Aquilegia Hinckleyana)
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Hinckley Columbine (Aquilegia Hinckleyana)






We have a very limited supply of seed-grown Hinckley Columbines and reserve the right to limit quantities so that more of our customers can enjoy this beautiful plant.

Hinckley Columbine (Aquilegia Hinckleyana)

In 1985, Dan Hosage received a few seeds from a friend who wanted to be sure that the endemic Hinckley Columbine at Capote Falls in Presidio County could ultimately be enjoyed by the gardening public. After propagating it for two years, Dan was able to introduce this beautiful perennial to the nursery trade and it has been a favorite ever since. The true Hinckley is noted for its large, bright yellow flowers and shorter flower spurs, unlike the much longer spurs of the "Texas Gold" columbine which is often incorrectly identified as the same plant.

Hinckley columbine borders make a great background (1992 photo)








One thing is certain, the Hinckley is very showy whether seen singly or en masse. The numerous flowers seem to float above the distinctive foilage and the plant can continue blooming for up to two months. This columbine is a stellar performer in light shade but will handle sunny locations too. It is far more drought tolerant than the Eastern Columbine. Trim back spent foilage and seed capsules to keep the plant tidy. It will sprout new foilage when cooler temperatures return in the Fall and stays green through the Winter months.

Hinckley Columbine is deer-resistant, but is susceptible to leaf miners.

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