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Coming Up on the Calendar
(updated 05/21/10)

We are continously collecting and growing the plants that will make your landscape come alive. However, availability often depends on the weather, successful pollination of flowers, or the cycle of acorn or nut production from a particular species. This is why we don't always have a constant inventory of a particular plant.

Check here for the latest updates

Some of our recent collections are already in the production cycle and will be ready in the coming months and years. This Spring we again have young Italian Stone and Aleppo pines ready for your landscape. The pawpaws are looking good, these native shade trees have fruit that tastes like a cross between a banana and papaya. This summer brings along another woody groundcover that Dan is truly impressed with. The Grow Low" Aromatic Sumac is strikingly colorful and very drought hardy.

Maples that Grow Here

It is a good time for maples - we have alkaline adapted Japanese Maples that Dan took on as a personal challenge to prove that these seed grown maples could learn to live in our Hill Country soil and water. They are ready now and we also have a new crop of our very popular Southern Sugar Maples ready too.Two new maples join the list, an adapted Red Maple and the Montpelier Maple, a tough tree originally from Afghanistan but ideally adapted to the Texas climate.

We also have a limited quantity of one gallon Barbados Cherry, Turk's Cap, and Eupatorium species to bring in the butterflies.And speaking of butterflies, the Swamp Bay, a surprisingly tough plant from a 2009 trip to Louisiana is a guaranteed swallowtail attraction as well a gourmet herb.

Keep checking back in the wildflower section, Dan has about twenty new species coming along in one gallons. He is promising lots of colorful perennials for the summer season. One especially desirable addition to the nursery is the native Texas Canna, a rare coastal find that is ready to go right now.

Native Orchids

One new project that will be coming to fruition this fall is the Chatterbox Orchids that Dan started from seed in tissue culture. These hardy terrestial orchids from the Texas Hill Country are a "must have" for moist natural settings.



Bunchgrasses - durable and beautiful

Right now our robust one gallon Prairie Cordgrass, Indian Grass, Bushy Bluestem, Lindheimer Muhly, and Deer Muhly in one gallon containers are ready to go.


This spring we will have several new species of West Texas yucca to help your landscape deal with this upredictable Texas weather. Dan found some real beauties on his Fall 2008 collecting trips so stay tuned.

Now is a good time to come pick out your Texas Amole Plant, they are blooming and developing their unique and distinctive "freckles".


Dan is hard at work planting a new crop of "Sanderson" Mexican Redbud, Golden Ball Lead Tree, and Anacacho Orchid. They won't be ready for a while but are on the way. More Montezuma Cypress are coming along also.


Stay tuned.



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