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Cut-Rice Grass (Leersia monandra)






Best value today

Right now our one gallon Lindheimer Muhly, Seep Muhly, Deer Muhly, Big Bluestem and Bushy Bluestem, in one gallon containers are ready to go. Buy in quantity and save even more


Texas Native Grasses

The original landscape of Texas was once covered with an extensive selection of native bunchgrasses. Overgrazing and and introduction of non-native species, as well as repression of wildfires has changed the balance of the environment. Madrone Nursery grows over 20 species of the original grasses that dotted the landscape.

Custom growing is available for grasses that are not usually stocked at the nursery. Please add a 2-6 month time allowance depending on your project needs.

For those of you who have been waiting for the Cut-Rice Grass (photo at left) in quantity, we now have one gallons in stock.

Fall is the time to pick out your grasses, they are in full bloom
Growing over 300 varieties of Texas natives


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