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 Dan planting native bunchgrasses


Adding beauty and diversity to the landscape of Texas over the years

For over 20 years, Dan Hosage has personally collected, researched and grown the plants that have made Texas such a unique and striking place to live and garden. His interest in saving endangered species, conserving water resources and providing habitat for wildlife has led to a number of significant contributions to the industry:

1987 - Rediscovered Big Red Sage (Salvia penstemonoides) with "Bwana Dick" Davis. The plant, thought to be extinct, was subsequently propagated from this one population in the Boerne, Texas area.

1987 - Grew and reintroduced the endangered Hinckley Columbine, known for its hardiness, showy yellow flowers and long blooming season.

1990 - Propagated and distributed the Montezuma Cypress, the drought-hardy sister species of the Bald Cypress.

1990 - Propagated and introduced the "Sanderson" Mexican Redbud cultivar.

1992 - Developed a particularly desirable form of the Amole Plant (Manfreda maculosa) from the oak thickets of south Texas. Plants have heavily purple speckled foilage and showy flower spikes.

1992 - Discovered and cultivated the weeping form of the Montezuma Cypress.

1994 - Patented and introduced "Traveller" weeping Texas redbud (U.S. Patent #8640). The tree is licensed to select growers in the U.S. and has received several national horticulture awards.

1994 - Promoted the use of native bunchgrasses to return Texas to the plant diversity found in the early 1800's. The selections included 36 unique varieties for landscaping and revegetation as well as the introduction of Weeping Muhly (Muhlenbergia duboides).

1994 - Introduced "Industry Standard" Cenizo, a hardy and fast-growing Madrone Nursery cultivar that is shade tolerant and keeps it's fullness from ground to tip throughout the season. Blooms are 30-50% larger than standard varieties.

1995 - Introduced Cibolo Muhly (Muhlenbergia leptoura) to the nursery trade.

2004 - Introduced "Rio Blanco" Nimbewill (Muhlenbergia schreberi), a hardy turfgrass replacement that is ideal for problem areas.

2007 - Introduced "MachoVerde", a Retama x Paloverde hybrid (Cercidium sp.) that is fast growing, colorful, and freeze resistant.

2008 - Introduced "Prairie Gal", a robust Prairie Foxglove (Penstemon cobaea) cultivar that is covered in stunning pink flowers in late spring.

2009 - Introduced "Miss ClaudiaTM", a robust Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum (Viburnum rifidulum) cultivar that is beautiful, hardy and fast growing.

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