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Rosin-Weed (Silphium Simpsonii)

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Hardy Texas native plants available by mail
(updated 01/04/10 - we will not be shipping plants while weather conditions may cause damage to the stock)


Minimum combined seed and plant order is $10.00. Note: At the present time, we can send seeds but are unable to ship plants to AZ, CA, FL, HI, OR, or WA.
Size Common Name Scientific Name USDA Zone Mail Price
1Gal. Lizard;s Tail Saururus cernuus 8-10 $6.00
4" Clover Fern Marsilea macropoda 7-10 $3.00
1Gal Coral Bean Erythrina herbacea 8-10 $8.00
1Gal Amole Plant - Texas Aloe Manfreda maculosa 8-10 $9.00
1Gal Devil's Shoestring Nolina lindheimeriana 7-10 $8.00
4" White-Veined Dutchman's Pipe* (limit 2) Aristolochia fimbriata 8-10 $6.00
1Gal Rosin-Weed Silphium laciniatum 7-10 $7.00
1Gal Rosin-Weed Silphium perfoliatum 7-10 $7.00
1Gal Rosin-Weed Silphium terebinthaceum 7-10 $7.00
* Non-native adapted plants

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