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 Elderberry (Sanbucus canadensis)






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Want a shrub that handles the partial shade and blooms till frost? We have hard to find one gallon Barbados Cherry that will brighten your shady corners and reward local songbirds with tasty fruit.

Texas Native Shrubs

Even where space or height is limited, native Texas shrubs provide preferred habitat for birds and other wildlife. We have one of the largest selections of native shrubs - chosen for colorful blooms, nutritious and tasty berries and other fruit. Add them to your landscape to help feed local and migratory birds. Varieties such as the Mexican Plum and Creek Plum also make a great homemade jam or jelly. Ask us about our Rusty Backhaw Virburnum cultivar grown from outstanding parent stock that Dan selected from a robust wild population.

Many of these plants develop brilliant fall color to brighten the landscape long after perennials and other flowers have faded.

Growing over 300 varieties of Texas natives


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