Accent your landscape with unique Texas plants
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Accent your landscape with unique Texas plants

Check with us for some of the best in hard-to-find natives for your landscape.Call for current prices. (updated 06/8/09)


Size Common Name Scientific Name
1Gal Lizard's-Tail Saururus cernuus
1Gal Cut-Rice Grass Leersia monandra
1Gal Gulf Muhly Muhlenbergia capillaris
1Gal Seep Muhly Muhlenbergia reverchonii
1Gal Deer Muhly Muhlenbergia rigens
3Gal *Bartlett's Bauhinia Bauhinia bartlettii
15/20Gal Anacacho Orchid Tree Bauhinia congesta
5/15Gal Roughleaf Dogwood Cornus drummondii
5Gal (Summer '09) Plateau Walnut Juglans major
1Gal Nogalito - Little Leaf Walnut Juglans microcarpa
15/20Gal Lacey Oak Quercus laceyi
1/15Gal Mexican White Oak / Monterrey Oak Quercus polymorpha
1/5Gal Montezuma Cypress Taxodium mucronatum
5Gal Mexican Bauhinia Bauhinia mexicana
15Gal Spicebush Lindera benzoin
5Gal Carolina Buckthorn Rhamnus caroliniana
3Gal Palmetto Sabal minor
5/15Gal Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum, cult. "Miss Claudia" Virbunum rifidulum
1Gal *Chamal (Cycad) Dioon edule
1Gal Amole Plant Manfreda maculosa
1Gal Twist Leaf Yucca Yucca rupicola
5Gal Thompson's Yucca Yucca Thompsoniana
1Gal (Summer '09) Cottonleaf Passiflora Passiflora foetida
1Gal Rosin-weed Silphium sp.
*Non-native adapted plants

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