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Texas bluebell






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Right now we have the rare native Texas Canna. Their towering stalks with bright yellow flowers are hard to miss and the gorgeous blue green foilage is a striking addition to your landscape all season.

Texas Native Wildflowers/Perennials

Madrone Nursery's wildflower selection includes the plants that are natural attractants for hummingbirds, butterflies, bumblebees and more. Outstanding performers include drought-tolerant Texas Bluebells with their amazing 2-1/2" flowers, long-blooming Purple Coneflower, and Wooly Ironweed that guarantee a steady stream of winged visitors. Salvias, in colors from rich red to near indigo, entice a wide variety of butterflies on migrations north and south. For wetter locations, Cardinal Flower is sure to bring in the hummingbirds - they can't resist.









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