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We try to ADD and CHANGE things EVERY THREE MONTHS or so, but we have been working so hard these last 2 years that we just have not been able to dedicate more time to the website.  So Please bear with us and check the SITE frequently to catch up on all the LATEST NEWS. 


Greetings from John and Maria Hoyt. We praise God that HIS WORK in Zimbabwe has continued to grow and flourish so well in spite of immense difficulties and an economy that destroyed itself in December of 2008. God has been very gracious to all and He has been busy working miracles that have helped our Christan Workers to get through everything.

Because the Hoyt Family is no longer permanently based in Zimbabwe, there have been several people who have shown some concern over the viability of the continuing Mission Program, in Zimbabwe, and the way their contributions are handled. So allow me to explain briefly, what is happening overseas, and how your gifts are utilized.
     The "Mission" has gone through 3 distinctly different phases over the past 10 years. The Hoyt family was based fulltime, in Zimbabwe, from 1967 until the end of 2000. This was followed by a short, 3 year transitional period during which the Hoyts settled back into the American Culture.
    In order to support his wife and three children, without utilizing Mission Funds, John became the Senior Minister of a small rural church in Rutland Illinois, and has been serving there since June 2001. He has also taken on a part time Manager's job with a local company since 2007 to help "make ends meet". Maria Started working for the YMCA in September of 2002 and became their senior Child Care Coordinator.In 2011 Maria became a substitute teacher with the district #27 schools. 
    Also during this time Glo settled into The Christian Nursing Home, here in Lincoln Il (she has since gone on to be with her Lord in June 2010). Her expenses were the only ones that were entirely borne by the  Mission. 
    Deborah worked at a few part time jobs, and then became a full time Church Secretary and got married in 2005. She now works for a local Optician, here in Lincoln, Il. 
   So since 2004, all the members of the Hoyt family, except for Glo, have been working and earning their own incomes so as not to drain any resources from the mission. As a result, almost all of your donations have been going overseas to support the 22 Full Time Ministers and Evangelists, and their families, still living and serving the Lord over there.
   We have done our best to be good stewards of the resources that you have entrusted to us, and as a result, the Work of the Lord IS STILL GROWING by leaps and bounds. We are seeing thousands of lives being touched, EVERY YEAR, by the gospel message. Hundreds of suffering Christian families, orphans and widows are being fed because of YOUR generosity and compassion. And new members are being added to the Body of Christ on a daily basis.  
     So rest assured that we are putting those contributions to the fullest possible use, and they will always be sent where they are most needed and where they will accomplish the Greatest Good. Our FIRST PRIORITY will always be SPREADING THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST.
    If you are a supporter, and you are not receiving our financial reports and news letters, which usually go out twice a year, please contact us.

Our latest video - "FRONTLINE SOLDIERS FOR CHRIST"  has already been sent out to several churches to use in their Mission's presentations. It is 29 minutes long and it introduces many of our full time workers, the areas they live in, and the churches they serve. In spite of great difficulties, they have continued serving the Lord, faithfully and enthusiastically.
Included with the latest video are 2 other, older video productions. One was completed in 2001,which is basically a brief history of the work of the Hoyt Family in Zimbabwe, and the establishment of the Matabeleland Christian Mission. They cover the years from 1967 to 2000.
   Please, if you desire one, contact us for a free copy.
We accumulated a lot of new video clips and photographs from our Mission Trip during July 2009, and so, I hope to start another video very soon that will introduce you to ALL of our current Ministers, their areas of work, and their needs for continuing the work and for supporting their families.
  We hope that you will find these DVD's INTERESTING and STIMULATING, to the point where you will feel the importance of the part that you play in the on-going work of Reaching the Lost and bringing them into GOD'S SAVING GRACE through JESUS CHRIST, HIS SON.
Here you will meet the Evangelists, their families and other workers for the Lord, who together  make up the actual MISSION. We will be sharing their triumphs and tribulations as they continue to SERVE OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, in the land of ZIMBABWE.
We hope to make you feel like an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT of this tremendous EFFORT, and we value your continuing support so that all of us can continue to TAKE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST TO THOSE WHO ARE PERISHING.
* * * * * * * *
You may download any photos and articles to use in your CHURCH 
publications, as long as you use them exclusively in presenting the ongoing Work of the MATABELELAND CHRISTIAN MISSION, in Zimbabwe.


The land itself might not look like much to you, but to some of us it still feels like HOME.
So come on in and enjoy your visit with us as we try to share, with you, the Great and Mighty things that God is accomplishing in the Land of Zimbabwe.

* * * * * * * *
We have several PROJECTS that require urgent assistance. We hope that you will be moved to help out with these SPECIAL NEEDS. Contact us as soon as you can and we will be happy to find the best way to use your contributions.
* * * * * * * *
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Please remember that without your help, The work that The Lord has been accomplishing through us, might not be able to continue. Through your support and prayers, we will continue to reach out to the PEOPLE of ZIMBABWE with the message of HOPE that comes from the GOSPEL MESSAGE of JESUS CHRIST. May God continue to bless you as you continue to faithfully support this Great Work.

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