Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Historical Commentary for LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FABULOUS STAINS

From the time that I first stumbled across an edited broadcast of the movie on USA network's "NIGHT FLIGHT" in 1984, to the present day, I have been an enormous fan and critical champion of the prescient rock'n'roll satire LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FABULOUS STAINS.  My support of the film has led to high-profile screenings, long friendships, increased word-of-mouth, and, most importantly, to its long-awaited first-time home video release, bringing this previously little-seen work to its largest potential audience.
The following historical and critical commentary track was recorded in anticipation of Rhino Entertainment's DVD release of the film, on which I was generously invited as an expert consultant.  Rhino and Paramount were unable to include it in the final release, thus I am making it directly available to you as a downloadable file to synch up to your copy of the DVD.  It contains all manner of information that is not discussed in any of the other commentary tracks on the disc, so if you are a fan of the film, I am certain you will find it most interesting.

Original "poster" made by me in high school

Download the commentary here

If you own and enjoy the DVD, and you enjoyed my commentary, please send a polite email to Paramount and to Rhino, thanking them for finally making THE FABULOUS STAINS available on DVD, and for allowing me to participate.  With enough positive feedback, perhaps they will collaborate on more DVD releases in the future.

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