Michael & Elizabeth CAVANAUGH
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Karl lives here in LA.  Since 1998 Paul lived with his son Anthony James (A.J.) in Denver, but moved back to LA in June 2005 until his death in 2009.    A.J. remained with his mother near Denver, but as of 2016 will be in the U S Navy.  Michael's sister Kathy, her husband Bruce & their children Hannah & William  live in Franklin, TN (near Nashville).   Hannah gave birth to a son, Knox Coomer, on 19 Feb. 2016; William is an accomplished bowler and works for a towing company.  Elizabeth's   brothers David (of Reno) and Carroll (of Vegas), alas, both died in 2010, and sister Mary followed in 2013.

Elizabeth and Hans


    Elizabeth started as a teaching assistant in 1978, became a teacher in 1996, and RETIRED at the end of the 2013 school year  -- 35 years.   She is now gainfully unemployed.    She  does lunch. She no longer summers, because every day is now Saturday.
     Most importantly (as the virtual poster child for breast self-examination) she has survived breast cancer (and JUST because her own diligence caught it early enough).  Early in 2012 her new oncologist said that after almost 9 years without a relapse, she was for all intents and purposes:  cured!  
Along with her niece Christine (Eggett) Burgoyne, Elizabeth has been admitted to the DAR.   Since 2012 she and her good friend Toni Jones have been members of the Ebell Club. 


Karl Matz

    Since 2003, Chef Karl had been R&D director with the corporate offices of The Cheesecake Factory.  He was particularly responsible for their Grand Lux operation.   He was featured in an article about Cheesecake appearing in Time magazine for 12 June 2006.
    Since July 2007 he is again back with his mentor Wolfgang Puck.  From 1996 Karl had worked with Wolf at Spago (both old & new), the Food Network show, and the Catering Kitchen at Hollywood & Highland (H & H, which does the Oscar night bashes which used to be at the old Spago). 
     Karl has had various responsibilities with Wolfgang's corporation.   For some time he managed The Huddle, the food service at the NFL Network West in Culver City.   From Dec. 2013, he was executive chef of Puck's Tavern, behind the Orange Curtain at the Honda Center/Pond in Anaheim. He is now back with the catering division out of H & H. He has an active Facebook page.


Paul & AJ Matz, Memorial Day 2004 at Maureen's pool.

Shortly after 6 PM on Sunday, July 12, 2009, Paul David Matz died at Kaiser Hospital,  LA. 
Here is his obituary from the LA Times, 16 July, A-27:
Matz, Paul David
Loving elder son of Elizabeth (Mannis) and Terry Matz; survivors also include brother Karl Matz, LA; son Anthony AJ Matz, Denver; and Michael Cavanaugh, Judith Matz and Jillaine Morales. Educated at St James, and in LA public schools. With his mother, attended PACE at Mission College; later, SMC & CSULA. His life work as a service writer for automotive dealerships was bookended by service in his parents profession, special education. Even while away in Denver from 1998 to 2005, he was life-long Dodger Blue. Memorial pending.
He is shown here with his son AJ in his grandmother's pool, Memorial Day 2004.

At the Grand Lux in May 2004:
Grandma & AJ


Lorraine Florence Bertha (Teske) Cavanaugh, R.I.P.

Michael's mom, Lorraine Florence Bertha (Teske) Cavanaugh, shown with
(l-r) her mother Mary Bertha Anna (Hamsing) Teske,
her great-grandmother Marie T. (Schulz) Binsky,
and her grandmother Bertha Wilhelmine (Heinze Binsky) Hamsing,
sometime before late 1919.  And now the circle is closed:   Lorraine died in Franklin, TN, at 3:50 PM, 07/07/07.

Lorraine Cavanaugh & Hansel
Franklin TN Christmas 2005

22 March 2016 marked our 20th wedding anniversary.

Our full genealogy is available on the web at www.rootsweb.com.  Look down to the left at the World Connect Project link.  Our file is MAC256.