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 Teenage Sex and Pregnancy, Praeger, 2010                                 

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"Kids and Guns:" How Politicians,
Experts, and the Press Fabricate
Fear of Youth (Common Courage Press, 2001)

UPDATED VERSION (September 2004), html

Framing Youth: Ten Myths
About the Next Generation

(Common Courage Press, 1998)

The Scapegoat Generation:
America’s War on Adolescents

(Common Courage Press, 1996)

Why Joe Camel Is Still Smiling

(Common Courage Press, 1999)

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Senior researcher, Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, San Francisco, CA www.cjcj.org

Content director, YouthFacts, at http://www.YouthFacts.org

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                Oklahoma City, OK 73102  USA

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NEW:  Complete tables of arrest numbers, populations and arrest rates of Americans by detailed ages for a variety of major offenses, by year, 1960-2008, compiled from FBI Uniform Crime Reports. See for yourself how interest groups have exploited selective years and crimes—or just made things up—to manufacture a “teenage crime wave”

Great LA Times Magazine article by Shawn Hubler excoriating Baby Boomers, but who is that disheveled old guy cluttering up the pictures? Boomer Buster

“American adults are more fearful of their kids than adults in other societies, more hostile toward younger people, and more willing to abandon them and punish them for social problems than adults in other Western countries.” Why?

Interview with Paul Kiel, c UnionDocs radio, WKCR-FM, New York, 26 August 2005 

Information on California Youth in Transition, description

My study of Monitoring the Future surveys of drug use from 1975 through 2002 shows than in years in which high school seniors report using more illicit drugs, students have significantly LOWER rates misbehaviors in school, violent and property crime, violent and property victimizations, fights with parents and employers, school dropout, suicide, homicide, firearms deaths, pregnancy, and other bad effects. Do the surveys of teenage drug use preoccupying policy makers, drug-war interests, and the news media really mean anything?

See Males, Mike. “What do student drug use surveys really mean?” Journal of School Health, January 2005

Article text           Data Tables

And now for something completely different on “today’s teenagers:”

Columns, articles, research papers, and data tables                                                         
General and recent

Outright lying to fabricate a crisis of “rising youth violence” defines America’s craven new privatized social police—and a press that refused to question it. Whatever sells.

Latino youth lead the new youth activism. Who are the immigrants?

The hysteria against teenage drivers has become so crazed it menaces rational safety policy. Let’s remember: American “experts” have brought us the most ineffective policies on earth. Drive-by journalism. See the full study of how experts have ignored the crucial factor of youth poverty and instead blamed teen traffic accidents solely on discredited “risk taking” myths. Teen Drivers: What Are the Real Risks?

Anyone who thinks adult brains engage rational and complex thinking, take a glance at the mindless “MySpace.com” hysteria sweeping the press. In blunt fact, kids are safer online, alone and unsupervised, than they are in church. Grownups, get a grip

New Orleans’ betrayal: Three nightmarish days in a great city America’s new culture of greed is abandoning. Losing a city

To understand the violent destruction America’s vicious anti-drug policy, rooted in denial of our rampant middle-aged addiction and the drug-war interests who profit from it, inflicts on the young and poor, visit Medellin, Colombia, a spectacular, cultured Andean city whose tragedy shames every American. Medellin's Murdered Children...and Ours

Getting lots of emails and appeals to support progressives and Democrats? Don’t give them a dime or your money or minute of your time until they pledge to cease their self-destructive ways—chiefly, bashing the young, who hold the only realistic hope for a leftist revival. Young voters vs Old Voters--the real 2004 story

And, for a perfect example of how America’s once-noble Left is self-destructing by spreading false, inflammatory lies about the young, check out the Media Education Foundation’s terrible “culture-war” videos . How smug progressives insanely degrade youth

After huge declines over the last 35 years, San Francisco Bay Area youth now have among the world's lowest suicide rates – yet self-serving hysterics continue to misrepresent them as self-destructive for financial and psychological profit (San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, 2 December 2005).

WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT: Look, older California and America, we’re going to be a multiracial, multicultural society.

California over age 45 is 60% white, California under 25 is 65% of color. Those who die or leave California are 80% white; those who move or are born here are 75% Latino, Asian, black, and multiracial.

You can’t stop it, you can’t gate yourselves in highrise or exurban enclaves, even moving to Idaho affords only temporary relief. You’ve elected reactionaries like Bush, action heroes like Arnie, passed lock’em’up measures like Three Strikes and Prop 21, slashed your taxes, stuffed your privileged progeny in private schools, hired security guards.

You’ve forgotten that those Latino kids bussing your upscale restaurant table, Asian youth waving us to parking places or typing in our internet exchange, black and white youngsters snaring our chai or fries, are ponying up a whopping 15% of their meager incomes for our social security and Medicare—way more than we richer-than-ever white enclavists pay after loopholes. So vote yes on more tax money for schools and universities, abolish curfews, smile at the next kid you see, and TAKE PRIDE in the fact that California is history’s first rich multicultural state!

Stop running away! Multicolor California is a BETTER place today than it was 30 years ago when white-dominated—and young people are the reason. Read how our most reactionary, ex-white bastion Orange County is FAR safer from drugs, crime, violence, suicide, and traditional California plagues in 2004 than it was in 1970 and… stop being so scared! Our great state is going to be all right!

Along with drugs and crime, the rampant myths about “teenage pregnancy” circulated by the Teen Pregnancy Industry (centered in the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy) include the false image that “teen pregnancy” means an overheated, ignorant, or immoral junior/senior high school boy and girl ( in fact, that pairing accounts for just one-fifth of “teen” pregnancies); that dubious claim that abstinence and contraception brought down the “teenage” birth rate over the last decade (in fact, 77% of the teen birth decline consisted of a huge drop in births to MARRIED teens, 41% of whom gave birth in 1990 compared to just 17% in 2002, not the unwed teens programs and welfare reforms targeted); and glaring omissions top authorities seem completely ignorant of (what caused the married teen birth decline? Why did the number of teen boys (but not girls) getting married double during the 1990s, led by black teen males?  Who are they marrying? Why have the traditional motivators of teen marriage, having or legitimating children and establishing independent households, declined so rapidly?) For the latest in national and California teen pregnancy trends the experts aren’t discussing, particularly the majority involving adult partners, see my report, Teens and adult partners.

“Mean Girls”? The vicious attack by authors, fillmakers, experts, and the media on society’s latest scapegoat, adolescent girls, looks a lot like mean-spirited bullying itself (Los Angeles Times Op-ed). Bullying Girls.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy’s school drug-testing “summits” are the latest salvo in drug czar John Walter’s fanatic zeal to punish youths who DON’T have drug problems while letting grownups who do continue to wreak addicted havoc. With a drug czar like John Walters, who needs Osama?

For a century prior to 1970, California’s progressive ethic held that the old pay for the young’s education and services. Today, the tarnished “Golden State” cravenly defunds schools, universities, and youth services and forces the young to pay the “don’t tax me” old’s debts through rapacious bonded debt. California’s Winter of Hate.

Even as the best information shows today’s youth are a vast improvement over their Baby Boom parents, American’s fear and hostility toward youth has become increasingly intense and irrational. Maybe Margaret Mead has the answer. Coming of age in America.

Both sides in “war on drugs” are distorting teenage drug issues: Interview with DRCNet

Are those “experts” condemning teenage and college “binge drinking” ignorant of the fact that their 30- and 40-age peers drink just as heavily? binge thinking


Adults got fat faster, then their kids got fat slower. Why do all the experts condemning “childhood obesity” miss the obvious? gutless about gut issues


After America’s adults and our leaders set the latest dismal example over war in Iraq, amid other grownup derelictions, do we really want our kids to emulate our values? kids, talk to your grownups


Should youths be tried as children or adults? Both the “get tough” prosecutors and juvenile court advocates are more interested in defending their pet institutions than the “best interests of the youth”—and both sides lie shamelessly juvenile injustice


A modest proposal for an “intergenerational equity tax” to solve California’s massive budget woes—by taking back from lavishly subsidized, cut-my-taxes older generations the education funding younger Californians rightly deserve ripoff


The liberal myth of brainless, reckless, trigger-happy adolescents used to defend the juvenile court ignores solid research findings and jeopardizes youth rights Bio-illogical



Let’s all help design a California Commemorative Quarter that truly reflects the Golden State as we know it today! Below are seven of my modest design proposals:


EMERGENCY EDITION: THE CALIFORNIA RECALL QUARTER! Backed by full faith and credit of the Milky Way’s 5th richest economy, now ranked 1 step above junk bond!


Collect them all! See full details at Exciting Millennial Realities!

1.      The Prison Series Quarter (collect all 33! No, wait, 34! 35!)

2.      Modern California Heroes Quarter, in slightly tarnished partisan editions (Republicans: TrickyDick to Pete;  Democrats: Moonbeam to Grayout)

3.      Special Budget Deficit Quarter (only 140 billion needed!)

4.      Baghdad by the Bay Quarter (classic San Francisco scene, title currently under revision)

5.      Gated Community Quarter (localized San Joaquin Tollway and Monterey Hills versions available)

6.      Gridlock Quarter (a still-life gem! Collect full freeway series)

7.      Gold Rush to Tech Bust (Sutter’s Mill to Silicon Shill!)


As Gary Gilmore said, “Let’s Do It!” Yes, it’s that time for the First (of many many) “Remmy” Awards for best 2003 Recall Campaign Statement by the 135 candidates for governor of the Greaaaattttt State of California! Some modest (real) examples



Murder’s up in the big cities in 2002. Police, the press, politicians, and liberal groups in Los Angeles and Oakland immediately blamed the rise on “youth violence” and teenagers. Turned out the police departments’ own figures showed murderers are considerably OLDER in 2002—in fact, murders by teenagers and young adults are down considerably. Click on the city names above to read an analysis of the new face of violent crime—why it isn’t kids, how our current crime policy led to it, and how crime lobbies left to right haven’t had a new idea in decades.


Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine): the P.J. O’Rourke of the Left. In a manifestly anti-progressive time, Naderite Moore’s triumphs include nationwide best-sellers, award-winning films screened in 700 theaters, Donahue and Oprah worship, and massive mainstream attention. Like libertarian O’Rourke, Moore is funny, presents good ironic imagery, and makes incisive-sounding commentary. Moore’s only problem, like O’Rourke’s, is that he’s horrendously inaccurate, and an awful grandstander. So… how does he get the big picture so right?


The USA, land of free and home of brave, represses its youth more dictatorially than any other Western (and most non-Western) society. Why?


Legalize marijuana for grownups while subjecting youths to massive fines and prison terms? Nevada initiative is not the way to reform the disastrous War on Drugs


New Packard Foundation kids-and-guns study, like Children’s Defense Fund and every other study before it, omits the two most crucial factors in gunned downed kids: (a) America’s disgraceful child poverty rates, and (b) American adults shoot more children and youths than adults in any other developed nation. (Letter printed by Future of Children online)


The rise of the teenager who isn’t stupid--California’s new, mobile teen partiers drink, drive, don’t die (Orange County Weekly, July 19-25, 2002)


Drug czar John Walters, the Partnership for a Drug Free America, other drug warriors, and-- too often-- drug policy reformers and legalizers lie shamelessly about teens and drugs. Exploitation by both sides defines America’s dismal drug-policy non-debate.
Robert Sharpe of Lindesmith-Center/Drug Policy Alliance responds to my criticisms in Youth Today

Z Magazine online presents the most revolutionary views of modern youth to date. Interviews, edited by Tim Allen, buttress the oppression of American adolescents in stark theoretical and statistical form.


(guaranteed to unsettle interest groups Left to Right)

Atlantic Monthly and 60 Minutes declare the Ordinary Teen the new, apocalyptic threat. Alleged grownups, get a grip. (Los Angeles Times, Sunday Opinion, April 21, 2002)

Now it’s dysfunctional teenage brains--just as it was for blacks, women, Latinos. Will medical-social sycophants ever give up and admit biological determinism is bunk? (Los Angeles Times, February 17, 2002, Sunday Opinion)


The New Drug-Thugs No One Talks About: Old White Guys (Bad Subjects)

Are the liberals and conservatives endlessly squabbling over sex vs abstinence education using kids to blast each other? Both sides leave out the big issues: poverty and adult sexual behavior (Youth Today)

Gen X is the latest “greatest generation,” reversing bad Baby Boomer trends despite selfish, negative elders (Los Angeles Times, Sunday Opinion, 26 August 2001)

Is Joseph Califano a Gateway Drug? America’s disgraceful institutional-media crusade to convince youths wanton drunkenness, drugging, and sex are perfectly normal adolescent behaviors (Youth Today)

New studies show the 21 drinking age and other “adolescent means abstain-from-everything” laws are bad ideas (Youth Today)

America’s War on Drugs gets dopier as respected reformers, led by the Lindesmith Center, jump on the “protect our children” soapbox (Alternet)

The black teen suicide “epidemic”--how experts lie with statistics (Alternet)

AIDS increasingly afflicts more older, more female, more impoverished victims... so why is the epidemic now being blamed on young black men? (Alternet)

Yeah, right... video games, Joe Camel, and beer frogs are American kids’ big problems (Alternet)

Moral Poverty, Body Counts: Bush Drug Czar Nominee a Veteran of Policy Shambles (Alternet)

Santee Happens (Bad Subjects)

Ecstasy: Rave Drug or Pharmaceutical?

We live in strange times.
We also live in strange places: each in a universe of our own. The people with whom we populate our universes are the shadows of whole other universes intersecting with our own. Being able to glance out into this bewildering complexity of infinite recursion... involves a great deal of filtering skill for which all conscious entities have eventually to develop a capacity in order to protect themselves from the contemplation of the chaos through which they seethe and tumble.
So give your kid a break, okay?
- Douglas Adams, RIP 1952-2001, Mostly Harmless

Revolutionary Association of
the Women of Afghanistan




--Joe Strummer The Clash et al RIP, 1952-2002


                                              Cobra on my left

                                                 Leopard on my right

                                                             -- Jim Morrison, RIP, 1943-71


                                                                                                                          In the mud and the blood and the beer.

                                                                                                                                          --Johnny Cash, RIP, 1932-2003


Youth violence, guns, crime
Culture wars
“Teenage” drugs, drinking, smoking, suicide
“Teenage” pregnancy
Curfews, teen driving laws, character education, “zero tolerance”
Media, politician, “expert” myths about youth
Are today’s kids the worst ever?

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Los Angeles Times op-eds
Youth Today columns on institutional myths about youth
Extra! media myths about youth
Alternet articles
Orange County Weekly altweekly articles
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Research papers

Published studies on youth and drugs, crime, imprisonment, race, curfews, violence, etc.


Data tables and statistics

U.S. and California numbers on teenage crime, violence, drugs, suicide, violent deaths, and birth rates show why NOTHING officials, interest groups, “experts,” and the media say about teenage statistics should be believed unless they can be verified from ORIGINAL SOURCES (in text with tabs, under construction)


Fiction (can we say... “self indulgent”?)
Breakfast for the Megaquake


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