Founded in 1940

Pennsylvania Antique

Gun Collectors Association

Incorporated in 1955


Located in the Delaware Valley and Southeastern Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization whose members collect, study and trade antique guns, edged weapons, accoutrements and all antique military historical items related to them.

Over 650 Current Members

The organization began in 1940 and soon grew from a handful of members to several hundred.  It was incorporated in 1955, and the membership includes individuals with many backgrounds and interests, and among them are serious collectors not only of antique weapons, but also of books, prints, documents, uniforms, art, and other related material.

Application for New Membership

Membership is open to individuals interested in these fields, and there are no requirements except that an applicant must be proposed and fully endorsed by a current active member.  New members are approved by a majority vote of members present at any scheduled monthly meeting. 


The association activities are supported by dues, table rentals at two-day shows, and nominal door donations.


The membership dues for the calendar year are $30.00 including the illustrated monthly newsletter "Monthly Bugle".

Two-Day Shows

The annual Spring and Fall Two-Day shows attract more than three hundred exhibitors from throughout the United States and are held on Saturday-Sunday, usually during the months of March and November.  Exhibitors at these events are prohibited from displaying, selling, or trading firearms dating after 1898.  Ample advertising and notice is given of these events.

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