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India Radfar is the author of three books of poetry: India Poem, (PIr Press); the desire to meet with the beautiful, (Tender Buttons Press); Breathe, (Shivastan Publications) and one chap book, 12 Poems That Were Never Written, (Seeing Eye Books, Los Angeles.) Her new book of poems, Position and Relation, is forthcoming from Station Hill Press. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband and two children, Aram and Leila.


walked into a place where I saw
nothing but water and in the
water, a wader, moving slowly,
unaware of me.
finally I say, this is India!
So my presence has not disturbed
I'm not in the water
there is no horizon
everything is white.
her movements are liquid
everything is liquid
is this what it looks like
inside my mind?

-from India Poem


I was a word with water behind it
but I couldn't read the water
I was an inscription upon it
a meaningful flower
of no color
upon it.



I was unable to postpone
the arrival of pain,
so I cancelled the arrival
of pleasure instead
but pleasure still arrived
in no particular form,
the form of a dream if you
must talk of form
he came to me
time began to repair itself
back to the beginning
but pleasure just entered
my body and stayed there.
Only in dreams
do we continue to meet separately

-from the desire to meet with the beautiful

2002, 2003, 2004 India Radfar


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