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What in the World is Homeopathy

I frequently find the word "holistic" confused with "Homeopathy". Homeopathy is one of the many systems that consider themselves to be a holistic healing system. Homeopathy is not vitamin therapy or herbs. Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. began the science of homeopathy 200 years ago. He realized that drugs and surgery, while helpful in traumatic injuries, were unable to bring about true healing for anything else. He saw that drugs removed symptoms temporarily. When they were discontinued, the symptoms usually returned, often stronger than before. Through careful and extensive experimentation, Dr. Hahnemann documented the principle of homeopathy, the law of similars or "like cures like".

Before going further, I must lay a little ground work. Everything in the universe is composed of matter (physical stuff) and energy. That's what Einstein's theory of relativity says. In reality, everything is composed almost entirely of energy (over 99%). "Everything" includes living creatures. Homeopaths call the energy in our bodies the "vital force". It is responsible for health and healing. When this vital force is disturbed, it causes symptoms. Skin rashes, diarrhea, diabetes, cancer, etc. are the results of a disturbed vital force. Drugs and surgery only address the symptoms. There is no awareness in "conventional medicine" that the vital force even exists. No wonder there is no attempt to heal it. Since this underlying disturbance is not treated, health problems usually become chronic. They same symptoms may return over and over or they may change form only to be diagnosed as something new. An example of this would be after years of cortisone therapy for itchy skin, many individuals get other "diseases" such as cancer or diabetes. The disturbance in the vital force not only progresses without any attempt to help it, but the body is continually poisoned by a very damaging drug. As a result, more serious problems arise.

Hahnemann realized to heal the vital force, he must use dynamic (not physiologic) remedies. Once the disturbance in the vital force is corrected, the body heals itself. To prepare potentized dynamic remedies, substances must subjected to a series of dilutions and hard shaking. They may be diluted to such a great extent that there is none of the original substance remaining. By diluting substances in the appropriate manner, the dynamic properties of the substance are magnified. How does this relate to the law of similars? Dr. Hahnemann found that the body cannot have two similar disturbances within it at the same time. Therefore, if a physician could introduce into the body a disturbance similar to but stronger than the one already there, the new disturbance would overwhelm the original one. The new one, being from the remedy, would then dissipate on its own leaving the patient free of them both. Simply put, this means that to remove a disease from the body in its entirety, the physician must administer a remedy which is capable of producing the similar symptoms in a healthy individual. Homeopathic remedies are made from herbs, animal products and minerals. Each one has been extensively investigated as to the symptoms it can produce and therefore treat. To find the correct one, the practitioner examines the physical symptoms, mental symptoms, food and environmental preferences and what aggravates and improves the condition. This is a time consuming task. In children and animals, it is even more difficult since they are not able to give the subjective information which is important to selecting a remedy. However, pediatric and veterinary homeopathy are thriving and the results can be amazing. When the correct remedy is given, acute conditions can begin to dissipate within minutes. Chronic conditions can take longer to improve. However, as the symptoms leave the body, it is an indication of true healing not a temporary masking. I use homeopathy in my practice on a regular basis. Believe me, it works! Anyone who tells you otherwise has not studied the history, research and data available. If we are to improve the health of ourselves and our companions, we must use homeopathy first. Drugs and surgery should be our last resort!

May you and your animal friends experience only the best of health

Russell Swift, DVM, Classical Homeopath