The Cripple Gray Ranch

Paul and Susan H. Johnson, DVM

The Cripple Gray Ranch is located in McDade TX, owned and operated by Paul and Susan H. Johnson, DVM.  We specialize in producing advanced polocrosse horses.  You can contact us by e-mail at, by phone at 512-698-6827, or by mail at 130 Marcus Rd, McDade TX 78650.

Meet our Horses...

"The Cripple Gray"
owned by Paul and Susan H. Johnson

Paul on Angel, winning B Division Nationals, 1993


Angel is a mixed-breed (Arabian-QH cross likely), born 1988.  Paul bought her for $610 from the Taylor auction in 1991.  He started training her right away for polocrosse and could see that she was clearly very agile and talented.  Paul had her for sale in 1993-1994 and an Australian lady named Rebecca took her to Colorado to try to sell her for Paul but no one could even get on her, so she came back to Texas unsold.  Her selling price was $3000.  Paul let me start playing on her in 1994.  I fell in love with the horse and she helped me improve my polocrosse game.  I haven’t played a horse quite like her since.   In 1995, she won Best Horse in A grade at the Fountain Valley Colorado tournament.  This would be her only award, but she was regarded as one of the top horses in the sport.  She sprained her fetlock in late 1995 at the Camp Waldemar tournament and has been arthritic in that ankle ever since.   The term, "Cripple Gray" became a household reference to this beloved mare, whose job seemed destined to be our pasture ornament.  She became my inspiration to start a small-time breeding program, with hopes of producing top polocrosse horses.  In 2003, we bred her to BALLANDOWN ZORRO, an Australian Stock Horse that was imported to Pennsylvania by Marilyn Murphy in 2002.  On May 2, 2004, Angel gave birth to Cripple Gray Zeta, a bay filly. Subsequent attempts to breed Angel have been unsuccessful to date.


owned by Paul Johnson

Paul on Electra, 1996

This is about 6 months pregnant, 2003


Electra is a bay appendix quarter horse mare, born 1991.  Paul bought her for $910 from the Bastrop sale in late 1993.  By the spring of 1994, it was apparent that Electra was a very talented horse.  Paul started her polocrosse training as a three year old and overall, she played competitive polocrosse for nine years.  She won Best Horse and Rider at the Horn Ranch tournament in 2001.  On April 17, 2004, Electra gave birth to a sorrel filly named, Elexis, by Sinnin Sizzler, an appendix quarterhorse that produces even-tempered athletes in barrel racing.  In October 2006, Electra got kicked in the pasture and broke a bone at her stifle.  She had surgery to remove the broken piece of bone, and made a remarkable recovery.  She is now permanently retired from polocrosse and is bred to WALDRONS STARMAN, an imported Australian Stock Horse owned by John and Liz Gleeson and managed by our good friend, Kellee Campbell.  She is due to foal late February, 2009.

Electra did foal a filly named Venus, on February 27, 2009.

Horse of the Year 2002
owned by Susan H. Johnson

Susan on Hollywood, 2002

Susan on Hollywood at Nationals, 2001

Hollywood is a red dun quarter horse gelding, born 1993. I bought him from Paul’s sister Martha in late 1997. Martha had acquired Hollywood in 1996 from an ex-con that owed her money. He told her that the colt was the smartest one he had ever known. Martha had trouble with Hollywood right away because she didn’t have time to ride him often enough. Martha’s husband Terry was frustrated with Hollywood, too, because the horse chased his calves. Paul was finished with the polocrosse season in late 1996, so he drove over to Martha’s and loaded Hollywood up in his trailer and brought him home to train the gelding for his sister.  Paul claims that it took two full days to get Hollywood away from the trailer and into the pasture where he wanted to ride him. Hollywood would rear and spin and fight until finally Paul got him into the pasture, where the fundamental training could begin. Within a week, Paul asked me if I wanted to ride him, which is a sign that Paul likes a horse, but I declined---the gelding made me very nervous. Paul played on Hollywood at a few practices and a playday that month and then returned the horse to Martha. Martha was still pretty busy however, and it didn’t take long for Hollywood to become uncooperative again. At a playday at our field in Coupland in the spring of 1997, they needed me to fill in for someone for just one chukka but I didn’t have a horse with me. Martha offered me Hollywood, and I was about to decline but she told me Amos Underwood had already played on him some that weekend, so the “buck was out of him”. I agreed and played a number one on Hollywood. After that chukka, I was hooked. I told Paul that I haven’t felt like that about a horse since playing on Angel. I begged Martha to sell him to me, which she finally agreed to do in late 1997, for $2000. Hollywood became my primary polocrosse horse and allowed me to finally achieve A-level status. He and I have been on the Lone Star and Central Zone A teams that have won Nationals and Central Zone Regionals in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004, 2006. He and I have always played the number three position. In 2000, he was awarded Best Horse in A Grade at the Durango, Colorado tournament. In 2002, Hollywood won Horse of the Year, our biggest honor to date. In 2003 Hollywood was awarded Best Horse in A Grade at Nationals in Pinehurst, North Carolina. At Nationals in North Carolina, 2007, Hollywood and I were awarded Best #3 in B Grade.  In February 2008, Hollywood and I played our final game together in the Masters tournament in Florida.  We lost to South Africa and we both came home fairly sore, but it was a wonderful tournament and our last game was captured on film, to be used for a cable network TV show coming out soon.  Hollywood is now permanently retired, serving as Angel's pasture master,

"Yahoo Shazam"
owned by Susan H. Johnson

One month old in Canada, June 2010

At one year, still in Canada, May 2011

Shazam is a filly that I bought from McArthur Farms in Canada, a week after she was born. She is out of a polocrosse mare named Mishka, a bay thoroughbred that I had seen play at an APA Nationals in Washington several years back.  Shazam's sire is CADABRA, a black Australian Stockhorse Jacquie McArthur imported from Australia in 2009. CADABRA stayed for two breeding seasons and then returned to Australia to his home at Icewood Australian Stock Horses.
Shazam has spent her first year with Jacquie up in Canada, enjoying a wonderful start to life with the other foals born in 2010.
Paul and I are planning a vacation in July 2011 to go North and pick up our new filly; we'll stay for the Calgary Stampede and enjoy beautiful Canada and then start the trip back home with Shazam southward to Texas! Hopefully, Shazam will be a strike of lightning on the polocrosse field in the years to come...


Princess Kate
owned by Susan H. Johnson

Day One, April 29, 2011

Curious and animated from the start!

Princess Kate is a second-cross Australian Stock Horse chestnut filly out of our mare Zenith. Zenith is a first-cross ASH and she is a full sister to Zena Warrior Princess, who died last June 2010 in a trailer accident. I purchased Zenith in hopes of continuing on with my love affair with the wonderful Zorro offspring that I have enjoyed, and to also mend my broken heart with the loss of Zena.  To my delight, the purchase of Zenith, came with her in foal by HAYDON SATELLITE, a chestnut ASH stallion that Marilyn Murphy (Keystone ASH Farms) imported from Australia in 2009. Princess Kate, named for her aunt Zena and for the Royal Bride married on the day in England, is the first foal by SATELLITE (the ASH) to be born in Texas.

Paul Johnson made a DVD of the polocrosse horse training experience he put on in 2006.  Three girls came down, and in 6 weeks, broke and trained 6 horses to play polocrosse.  They actually played competitive polocrosse on the horses, then auctioned them off at the last tournament at the end of the 6 weeks. 
This DVD shows the breaking process of all the unbroke horses, lets you follow along with their training and traveling, and then shows a full game at the end of 5 weeks, and another full game at the end of 6 weeks.
All the horses got trained, played polocrosse, and performed on the polocrosse field at least up to the playing standard of the riders, all in 6 weeks.

Click here to buy the DVD
Click here to buy the DVD

The Book
This is the book that tells you exactly how to play polocrosse effectively.  It explains in detail how to train your horse to the game, how you should do all the maneuvers you need to do to play the game, and the team tactics to play the game effectively as a team unit.
If you play by the book, you will win every game.  This book now comes with a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If you play by the book, I now guarantee that you will win every game you play, at any level.  If you provide me with a video of a game that you lost, and I see from the video that you played by the book, I will refund the entire cost of your book and the entire shipping cost you paid to get your book.  This guarantee is valid until January 1st, 2014. 
I figure it is going to take about 5 years for a lot of other players to be playing by the book.  Until they do, you have such a great advantage over the way everyone plays now, that you will actually win every game you play by the book.

Click here to buy the book
Click here to buy the book

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