Nina Strongylou, LMFT, RDT/BCT is a certified trainer in drama therapy and a founding member, trainer and supervisor at the Living Arts Counseling Center, Oakland, California. She is available to consult with psychotherapists and drama therapists who need support around clinical and personal issues that arise from their practice. She also trains students and clinicians in both verbal and drama therapy approaches.
Consultation is the way therapists take care of themselves, both professionally and emotionally.

Our clients demand our attention and psychic energy and often open us to personal challenges. In consultation, we discuss the therapeutic process, the client's struggles and defenses, and identify personal issues provoked by the client's anxieties.

Our aim is to develop an objective view of the work, understand the therapeutic relationship, and recognize the needs of the person served.

Regular consultation is a sign of conscientious practice.

image of a person looking up a mountain Training prepares drama/creative arts students and practitioners to advance their work. Other clinicians can also enhance their skills by learning to integrate creative arts therapy techniques in their practice.

In training seminars, we explore your professional needs and develop your own style as drama / creative arts therapists.

Through experiential methods, reading material and discussion, you learn to refine both the creative and the clinical aspects of your work.

In a training group, you test your techniques with your peers, and learn by observing how they work.

Consultation and training hours are credited towards the requirements for:
  • The Marriage and Family Therapist License, LMFT, as outlined by the California Board of Behavior Examiners

  • The Registration for Drama Therapist, RDT, as established by the National Association for Drama Therapy

  • The Alternative Training Program of the National Association for Drama Therapy, which prepares qualified master's level individuals to satisfy the educational prerequisites for the RDT

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