Psychotherapy is healing through the art of language. In the dialogue between client and therapist, you can freely express your thoughts and feelings, fostering new forms of experience and aliveness in yourself and with others. The therapeutic dialogue enhances awareness of your internal and external processes and patterns of behavior, leading to greater self-understanding. Image of two birds Drama Therapy is healing through drama. Drama uses sound, gesture, body language, improvisation, and narrative to tell a story. In drama therapy you can re-enter and experience your story directly, rather than talking about it. You can move between the imaginary and real, discover new ways of being with yourself and others, and expand your opportunities for self-expression.
Individual Therapy centers on the client's self-experience, and relationship with the therapist. Personal needs and desires are explored in an effort to deepen understanding of one's emotions, thoughts and behaviors, thus enhancing personal strengths. Couple's Therapy focuses on the relationship between the two people seeking help. The therapist acts as facilitator in helping the couple understand their interactions and the forces that may be affecting their relationship. Group Therapy brings people together to share personal experiences, build relationships, and learn from each other. Group members and the leader build an environment that facilitates communication, trust, and personal growth.

Through psychotherapy and/or drama therapy I can help you with:
  • Personal and Interpersonal Issues
  • Family Tensions and Problems
  • Adoption, Foster and Blended Family Challenges
  • Cultural and Racial Concerns
  • Trauma, Neglect and Abuse
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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