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Patents can be viewed by doing a Patent Number Search at the USPTO web site:
Unfortunately, patents can only be searched by number before 1976, so other resources are needed to identify the number of a patent before it can be viewed.  I am interested in learning more patent numbers related to Grandpa's colleagues and other important workers.
Since the patent titles are often cryptic and broad, I have added brief descriptions below each one.

Patents of Leslie E. Flory
2,045,984  Photoelectric Device
     A two-sided iconoscope mosaic
2,093,166 Electric Discharge Device, with George Morton
     A multiplier iconoscope
2,156,625  Electric Discharge Device, with George Morton
     An electron multiplier
2,165,806  Electric Discharge Device, with George Morton
     An electron multiplier
2,173,229  Electric Discharge Device, with George Morton
     A 2-multiplier iconoscope, to improve collection efficiency of electrons given off by the mosaic
2,175,888  Photoelectric Cathode
     transparent and semi-transparent photocathodes
2,189,322  Photoelectric Cathode
2,192,579 Electric Discharge Device, with George Morton
     an improved 2-multiplier iconoscope
2,248,977  Electro-Optical Device, with George Morton
     Image intensifier and converter tube
2,251,992  Picture Transmitter Tube, with George Morton
     Image Iconoscope.  The image iconoscope takes an electron image from a photocathode and projects it onto a mosaic which stores charges until scanned.
2,323,986  Cathode Ray Tube, with Arthur Vance
     New method of forming and focusing electron beams
2,345,282  Television Pickup Tube, with George Morton
     Iconoscope tube with low-velocity scanning.  Mentions "halo effect".  Orthiconoscope
2,373,752  Picture Transmitter Tube Mosaic Screen
     An improved image iconoscope mosaic
2,374,531  Electrically Operated Valve
     An electrically operated cutoff valve for vacuum systems
2,404,046  Television Transmitting Apparatus, with Ernest Massa and George Morton
     Orthiconoscope.  Refers to Albert Rose patent number 2,213,174
2,404,047  Electronic Computing Device, with George Morton
     Pulse counters used as multipliers
2,409,689  Electronic Computing Device, with George Morton
2,410,156  Electronic Timing Device
     A very early all-electronic clock.
2,418,521  Impulse-Measuring Device, with George Morton
2,420,716  Reading Aid for the Blind, with George Morton
2,435,841  Computing Device, with George Morton
2,445,215  Electronic Computer
2,446,945  Electronic Computing Device
2,457,099  Electronic Reading Aid for the Blind, with V. Zworykin
     Describes the system pictured in Medical Electronics page
2,457,456  Reading Aid for the Blind
     Another variant of the same type as previous patent.  Includes a CRT flying-spot scanner.
2,462,275  Electronic Computer, with George Morton
2,503,949  Storage Tube, with Arthur Jensen
2,506,018  Image Tube, with George Morton and John Ruedy
     1P25-type infrared imaging tube, as used in military night vision gear.
2,520,240  Cathode-Ray Tube
     Orthicon.  Refers to patents 2,288,402(Iams) and 2,412,086(Hallmark)
2,517,102  Reading Aid for the Blind
2,615,992  Apparatus for Indicia Recognition, with Winthrop Pike
2,616,983  Apparatus for Indicia Recognition, with V. Zworykin
2,658,670  Rate Determining Device, with George Morton and Richard Snyder Jr.
     Rate calculator using a storage tube, such as might be used for antiaircraft fire
2,700,151  Electrical Pulse Analyzer
     Improved pulse separating and counting circuits
2,702,356  Signal Storage System
     Graphecon storage tube system, with application to radar signal processing.
2,733,364  Magnetic Beam-Focusing System
     Beam-focusing system for use with Vidicon camera tube.
2,846,604  Storage Tube
2,847,080  Automatic Control System for Vehicles, with V. Zworykin and Win Pike
2,892,056  Cathode-Ray Tube System, with George Gray, Art Jensen, and Win Pike
2,965,712  Automatic Sensitivity Control for Television Camera Tubes, with Win Pike
2,968,802  Radio Signal Receiving System, with Win Pike