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Norman Piano  - Roller Tunes -  Larry's Music Rolls has been in the hobby of the fun of mechanical music since the mid 1970's.  We spread music rolls to happy music lovers all over the world who also enjoy this great and wonderful hobby.

Norman Piano  - We try to find good loving homes for orphaned player pianos and organs.  We provides Help for locating Fine Reproducing Player Pianos: - Steinway - Mason & Hamlin - Knabe - Chickering - Weber and other 88 note player pianos.  If you are looking for a special Piano, Organ, Nickelodeon, or Music box, contact us. If you have one for sale, perhaps we can find a buyer for you. Need Service? We can recommend people around the world who do fine restorations.

Roller Tunes  - Occasionally we produce recut music rolls of fine and rare musical performances.

Larry's Music Rolls - Provides the discriminating collector of music rolls of some of the best, rare, and great performances of: Reproducing rolls - Nickelodeon - Orchestrion -  Player Pipe Organ - Reed Organ - 65 and 88 note player piano rolls - Sheet Music - Records - Books - Literature - and instruments.

Larry's Music rolls has some of the best finds and buys in the collectors field.  Some rolls are even offered for FREE!   You Don't Get A Better Deal Than That Anywhere!

Let us provide you with the Best - Quality - Sales and Service!

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We also accept some music roll consignments. Please ask us about doing a consignment.

updated May 12, 2013