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Like last roll auction, I am getting slower as time goes by and it seems to be that I can’t get things done like I used to do.  We are looking for the hurricane Florence to arrive this week.  Hope it does not do any damage anywhere?

            This new technology is still getting to me?  It has been very hard learning to use windows 10, and my new android cell phone, but I am getting there!   Well then again maybe I may not be getting there?  A few days ago, Microsoft updated my pc and I discovered that when I clicked on a document.doc that the document opened in Microsoft 365, which I don’t have and you cannot do anything with it.  Microsoft suggested that I delete the 365 from my pc.  Well now my documents will not open with my office 2003 program and can only be opened when I go thru Microsoft office 2003 directly. I used to be able to open up more modern document.docx, but now they don’t open any more either.   I guess they really want us go get rid of our favorite office programs????

TELEPHONE: Some new rules: I mentioned this last time, but…..Were supposed to have “DO NOT CALL” What a farce!  I get so many phone calls that unless the caller ID shows your name; or unless I recognize your phone number {highly unlikely} I am not likely to pick up the phone should I be home…, Except for some weekends, you are most likely to get me on the phone usually in the evenings.  If I am home and the answer machine comes on, simply state your name and what you want and should I be home I will pick up the phone and answer you. Or if I am not home, I will call you later.  Thanks for your understanding.  

If you don’t like these robo-calls, please contact your senator and complain that they need to really do something and if the government is not going to address this major problem then the people who work in the FCC should be losing their jobs!  Maybe then the government might do something.

What’s on the auction? This spring Stephen Kent Goodman shipped his entire music roll collection to me to auction off. The rolls run from Ragtime, blues, show tunes and just about everything else, from AMPICO, Duo Art, Welte, 88 note and 65 note, and a number of Nickelodeon rolls. Some rolls are modern recuts and a lot of original rolls.  Some of the rolls are fantastic and some rolls are not too desirable, but you may find what you would like.

Some of you knew Stephen Kent Goodman, but for those who don’t, I used some of the information from his LinkedIn account:

Stephen Kent Goodman Has over 100 original and arrangements of rags written for the following ensembles: Concert Band, British-Style Brass Band, Symphony Orchestra, Saxophone Quartet, Brass Quintet, Wind Trio, Piano, Small Orchestra, and Jazz band.

Touted as the "World's Youngest Composer/Conductor of Marches" when he conducted the famous Goldman Band, playing his march "The Challenger" in New York's Central Park at the age of 16.

Pioneer of microtonal music, with the development of his sound sculpture. The sound sculpture has been displayed and performed at galleries on both coasts; as well as been the subject of a documentary film on his work in the area of microtonal and alternative scale music. Ex.: P.S.1 New York; L.A.I.C.A., Los Angeles; California State Museum of Science & Industry; Riverside Art Center; et al.

Stephen Hosted a special Ragtime series featuring both live interviews, performances and recorded music for radio station KVPR Fresno.

Stephen was a restorer, Arranger/composer for mechanical musical instruments, such as player pianos, carousel organs, hand-cranked organs & orchestrions. Projects include a series of new, period arrangements on paper player rolls for 20-note Celestina hand-cranked mechanical organ; arrangements for the Philipps/WurliTzer PM/Mandolin Pian Orchestra scale, Welte Style F Roll, 125 Band Organ Midi Files, G roll, 88 note rolls, et al.

Sad to say, but Stephen passed away this past July.   If you would like to know more about Stephen Kent Goodman you can go to his website at:

One group of rolls is one of the most fantastic collection of 65 note rolls, I have ever seen in my years of doing roll auctions. Mostly you only find classical 65 note rolls, but in this collection you will mostly find blues, ragtime, show tune and only about 2 classical rolls.  If you have a 65 note player piano, or plan to get one, bid and buy them today, you will never again see a collection of this caliber again….. SO DON’T MISS OUT ON THESE ROLLS, YOU MAY NEVER AGAIN FIND ANOTHER COPY!!!!!

Another group of rolls are new red box, QRS rolls, which have only been played maybe once or twice.  The down side is that every roll has been marked with a number on the box label that says where on the shelf it sat.  Also there is a crossed line in the upper left side of the roll that I think indicates that the roll has been played?  Some of these rolls are also rare and are no longer for sale in the catalog, so now is your chance to get some pretty rare and very nice rolls for your collection.

Since I only do two roll auctions per year and there are so many rolls, we are also putting roll up on eBay and we have two accounts:  “Rollertunes” and “Mystufftoo-6.” Go there to both accounts, and check back frequently as we will keep listing rolls until, we sell off all the rolls.  You will find every roll you ever dreamed of owning.  Please be generous in your bidding as Mrs. Goodman could really use the funds from the sale of the rolls.  Thanks in Advance.

This roll auction we are going to do something different.  If you don’t like our minimum bids, you may offer less, but bear in mind that someone else may think the minimum bid is too low!   We and the consignors want to see the rolls go to good homes that will enjoy the music, so please make lots of bids

NICKELODEON ROLLS: The nickelodeon rolls are arriving soon and we are anticipating having a special auction in January and February.  The roll types are AAP, A, G, 4X, O, H and maybe a few other types?  If you would like to participate in these special auctions, please let me know.  They may also be on eBay?  I have not decided as yet.  It depends on how many bidders I have for these types of rolls?  Let me know what types you want and what you might expect to pay for them. Thanks in advance.  Mrs. Goodman would appreciate some good sales.  

            There are still some great rolls leftover from previous roll auctions so go to my website to see what is still available at Enjoy looking it over, and make some offers...

PayPal.  We still like the PayPal except for the fees. Two other great things about the PayPal is the money is instant and we ship your rolls just as fast and we can print the postage direct from PayPal, saving a bit of time waiting at the post office.  The post office has raised postal rates a bit.

Thanks again for looking over the list and best of luck in your bidding                                    .                      



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Page updated September 29, 2018