Good news:::: Now that I am getting better at understanding and using Windows 10, I have been able to update my website.  So if you have a computer, go there now to my website at: as there are things for sale on the website that are not on the snail mailed copy.

Second great news is that I have been able to put the leftover rolls from roll auctions 53, 54, and 55 up on the website.  These have not been listed before, so you have an opportunity now to make bids or offers on those rolls.


          This new technology is still getting to me?  It has been very hard learning to use windows 10, but I am getting there!

TELEPHONE: Some new rules: I mentioned this last time, but…..Were supposed to have “DO NOT CALL”  What a farce!  I get so many phone calls that unless the caller ID shows your name; or unless I recognize your phone number {highly unlikely} I am not likely to pick up the phone should I be home…, Except for some weekends, you are most likely to get me on the phone usually in the evenings.  If I am home and the answer machine comes on, simply state your name and what you want and should I be home I will pick up the phone and answer you.

What’s on the auction?  Sad to say that a couple of years ago another of my great roll customers passed away.  His widow said she would like his rolls to go to other collectors around the world  to enjoy, rather than ending up in the dump.  He mostly collected ragtime, blues and particularly Jazz rolls, along with some AMPICO, Duo Art and Welte rolls.  We still have more of the rolls left and they are in this roll auction. There still may be more for the next roll auction as well. SO DON’T MISS OUT ON THESE ROLLS, YOU MAY NEVER AGAIN FIND ANOTHER COPY!!!!!


In 1990 the Music Box Society held their annual Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana and that year the table favor was a small box that looked like a Regina Music box, but when opened, it appeared to have the Indianapolis speedway and while it played “Down Home In Indiana”, a small car went around the track.  It is my favorite music box.  I inquired and found that there were still a few music boxes left and I inquired about selling them for the Mid Am Chapter of MBSI,  So I have a few left.  Ones that are working fine are $40.00 each plus shipping and ones that need a little attention, like probably an oil job are: $30.00 each. Buy several!  They won’t be made again.  Request a photo to be emailed to you as we cannot put them into the website.  Thank You


We have some rolls from Ohio, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Canada and Virginia.  More of the great Duo Art collection from last year... This auction may be short as it is late and I still have issues on how to make the PC work.


PayPal.  We still like the PayPal except for the fees. Two other great things about the PayPal is the money is instant and we ship your rolls just as fast and we can print the postage direct from PayPal, saving a bit of time waiting at the post office.  The post office has raised postal rates a bit.

Thanks again for looking over the list and best of luck in your bidding                                                            


Click on "The Auction" above if you are ready to see what's available in the auction. Thanks!                   .

Page updated September 22, 2017