NOTE: When you place an email bid, we will always acknowledge your bid with a reply.  If you do not hear from us, it may mean that your bid may have ended up as Spam mail and I did not receive it.  Try again or contact a mutual friend who can contact me.  Thanks and sorry for the email problems.


1. BIDDING:               There are two ways of bidding!

You may bid any single amount at or over the minimum bid listed for each roll. Please Note: Single bids are not reduced.            ----OR---

You may use the RESERVE BID SYSTEM. With this system, you will never pay more than 10% over the next highest bid over $5.00--or more than $.50 over the next highest bid under $5.00.

HERE'S how it works:             You may "reserve" a roll by placing a MINIMUM bid and a MAXIMUM bid. This means another bidder must top your Maximum bid to win the roll, but you only have to pay 10% over the highest of all other bids to win the roll. (Naturally, if your Minimum bid is the highest that I receive you would win the roll at that price.

EXAMPLE:   Your bids =    $7.50 to $100.00                      Next highest bid =  $8.50        Your bid of $100.00 would be lowered to $9.35, 10% over the bid of $8.50.             I believe its to your advantage to use the reserve bid system since it assures you of a better chance of winning the roll you MUST have at the lowest possible price. (And -- its more fun!)  

A good suggestion is not to get to carried away and bid more than you want. I generally do not recommend that you bid a too high a bid on a Common song title. For a Rare roll or a roll that you want so bad that this is the only copy that has turned up, Yes I would bid high on that one. If you are not sure how to bid, just ask, and I will help you get the best deal. I like bargains too!


2. MULTIPLE SAME TUNE ROLLS: On occasion I may have several rolls of the same title.  They may vary in condition and minimum bid respectively. You may want one copy of the roll but not all copies. Yes! You may indicate on your bid sheet that you are bidding on all of them but only want one copy of the roll. Yes! It is perfectly acceptable to have a different bid for each one of them.


3. PLACING YOUR BIDS:             You may either use E-mail, Snail mail, or phone your bids in. To place a phone bid and talk to me "PERSONALLY", call in the evenings when I am most likely to be home. The best times are 6:00PM to 10:00PM. If no one is home the answer machine will pick up after the fifth ring and you may leave your bids on it. So if you would like to talk to me personally, hang up after four rings and try latter.


4.          DO NOT SEND MONEY WITH YOUR BIDS! You will be notified after the auction closes of the amount due for your wins plus packing, postage, and insurance.  We now accept Paypal with a 5% fee.  Note: A service fee will be added to your bill if later than 3 months after you receive your first bill.


5.          SHIPPING:      UNITED STATES: Shipping via Media Mail $5.00 for the First roll. $0.70 each additional roll.   Insurance: up to $50. = $2.10, 50.01 to 100 = $2.60, 100.01 to 200.00 =$3.30.

             FOREIGN COUNTRIES:Shipping rates are: For one roll we will use First class mail. Canada is $25.00 and rest of the world is $25.00 to $40.00.  For up to 4 or 5 rolls, we may also use Priority flat rate package to Australia and the far east. For large shipments of rolls we will use the Airmail “M” bag. Both the Far East and Europe is $70.00 for first 9 rolls and $5.00 each additional roll. Canada, is $40.00 for first 9 rolls and $4.00 each additional roll. You may mail to a USA address and save on postage also.


6.          Special Services:  A.  Pick up your rolls in person.  B. Stop in for a visit.    C.  Yes! We do accept some consignments. Please call and discuss terms before sending any rolls for sale or for consignment.  D.  For foreign customers, except Canada:  Our bank will accept, for a $5.00 processing fee, your personal check, whether it be in Euro Dollar, Pounds, Yen,  Australian Dollar, , $,  etc... and convert the funds for me into US dollars.  This will save you both time and a lot of money trying to get a bank money order payable in US funds.  E. For Canadian customers: Just go to any Canadian Post Office and you may obtain a Postal Money order payable in US funds.


7.          Warranty: Your satisfaction is Guaranteed. Credit or refund if condition is Not as described.  We guarantee all our products that we sell to be well used, worn, torn, dusty, dirty, moldy, frayed, dinged, dented and otherwise frazzled.  Occasionally a product slips by that is in perfect mint condition. If you should receive such a product, feel free to dismember it in any fashion that you may choose. Our warranty was originally done as a joke, but there is so much truth in it that we decided to keep it. We love satisfied and happy customers


8. Web Page, Fairness, and how the bidding works! View my web page on each Monday, for what the current bids are on the rolls in the auction.  So you can find out where your bidding stands. This is the closest I can come to a live auction. I can't do like eBay to update the bids, but this is the best I can offer.   I try to make it fair for all concerned and I do not list the reserve that anyone has placed on the roll and I close the auction on a Sunday so that there is no chance of anyone topping bids at the last moment on Monday. Phone bids are accepted until 10 PM Eastern time on the closing day of the auction. E-mail bids are entered into the auction when I get up on Monday morning about 6 AM. You have until then to E-mail your bids. Snail mailed bids must be postmarked no later than the closing date to count towards the auction. I generally wait about five days for them to arrive. Of course any rolls that have not been bid on after the auction has closed are available to any bidder. I generally award them to the first bidder, unless several bids arrive at the same time, then the highest bidder will get the roll. So if you forgot about the auction and did not send in a bid, it is possible that the rolls you want may still be available. Send in your bids anyway! They won't count for the rolls already won on the auction, but they will count on all left over rolls. Simple!

Payments for rolls won:

When the auction closes we will send you a bill for your wins plus the costs of shipping.  In the past we usually accepted checks and money orders.  We now will accept  Paypal.  Paypal charges a fee and since the auction is not a profit maker and is only a hobby we have to pass the 5% fee on to you. Thanks for your understanding

Updated Wednesday, October 1, 2014 with new postal rates and insurance rates and international "M" bag rates spelling brokerage rates and paypal payments