The Auction
Welcome!  Simply select by clicking on the style of music rolls over on the left side of the page that you want and each of them will take you to the page that these rolls are on. The numerical sequence may not necessarily be sequential.
     AMPICO, Duo-Art, Welte, and Art Echo rolls are for reproducing player pianos.
They are a special roll designed for a specific reproducing player piano system, and
you can also play them on your regular 88 note player piano by taping over the last four notes on both ends of the tracker bar. This is necessary if you have one of the old time player pianos.
For the new modern player pianos, you may not have to do that unless it triggers your reroll as on most modern players the last few notes are not even hooked up as they have not used these notes since the early 1920's.

    Themodist rolls are regular 88 note player piano rolls with theme hole expression added. Sometimes referred to as Snake bites ("  "). These theme ports work on the theme pianos, and  
they also work on the Duo Art reproducing rolls. However you do not have the full reproducing system.

     Nickelodeon Rolls are
for machines that as well as having a piano, sometimes also
play other instruments such as triangle, drums, mandolin, xylophone, bells, pipes and reeds.
The basic common styles of rolls were "A", "G", "H", and "O" roll. There are a lot of others too.

     Organ rolls were for  Reed Organ, Pipe Organ and Band Organs

Miscellaneous rolls have all the other categories of rolls available in the auction that are not listed as above.

Bargain rolls list the rolls that are bargains in this auction          
For More Bargains,  all available Leftover Rolls from previous auctions are listed at the bottom of each of the categories of rolls listed at the left side. All rolls that are left over and have not received a bid are continually marked down until they become FREE. It means that eventually if a roll does not receive a bid, that you can claim the roll for free! Isn't that great! That's the best deal I can offer.

Click on a type of roll over on the left, that you want- Look in all the categories too! You may find a roll that will play on your machine in one of the others also. Have Fun!