Roller Tune Recuts
The news is that we have sold all the recuts and it is not likely that we will redo any of them.  Currently I don't think  with the new windows 10 computer that the midi files will work.  If you can make them work, please let me know?  I will talk with my computer guru and see if we can make them available again?

Roller Tunes     Roller Tunes  Recuts, are select "ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC" recordings from my and others collections!  Listed below are some of the best Blues, Ragtime that you ever heard in your lifetime. These Tunes are so fantastic, they will "knock your socks off". Your Player Piano will rock and roll and will never be the same with this music. So if you want to "Have a Hot Town in the old town tonight" Order some of these really great tunes right now!  Thanks. Order several! There is only a limited production run of them and they may not be redone! EVERYONE OF THESE ROLLS IS A BLOCKBUSTER HIT!
We Thank QRS Music Technologies, who graciously granted permission to allow a limited recuting of some of these fine rolls for you to enjoy!

Clicking on the Blue or red, underlined Titles of the Songs will connect you to the URL which should play you a short version of the songs. Enjoy Them.   While you are at the Music site, you will see a forward button |> and a reverse button <|. Pressing either button, will advance you to another tune without returning home. Just by clicking on one tune, you can stay at the Music site and listen to each tune.  Great! Try it. You can listen to each tune in alphabetical sequence. Start with African Beauty for the beginning of the selections.

Please Note: These midi files are only short brief clips of these Fantastic tunes. They will only introduce to you how Great the Rolls are, Click on the titles below to listen to them Enjoy! Listen!, Then order your Roller Tunes Today.

You may listen to a MIDI file of each of the tunes, by simply clicking on the title of any tune.
Each roll leader is specially printed with a copy of the original label, and some have pictures of the artist or composer
We try to provide either a copy of the sheet music or a lyric sheet where available
We also provide notes about the composers, artists, and other pertinent information that we know of for your reading pleasure as you listen to each roll.

Money Back Guarantee on all Roller Tune Recuts if you are not satisfied!     
   Another person in the music roll trade, told me "People are rather reluctant to buy a music roll that they have not listened to and since you know that these rolls are terrific, simply offer a money back guarantee and the collectors will buy them, knowing that they can get a refund if not delighted in their selection"  Well! I certainly believe that all of these rolls are super great or I would not offer them and I am not afraid to offer a money back guarantee on them if not satisfied. (Shipping of course is not refundable, since the post office won't do it.) Now You Can Listen To them!


Rolls that used to be in our catalog, but are now out of stock.  At this time, the cost of doing another production run is too expensive, maybe in the future these may be redone, but I doubt it. Sorry!

We have done our first Scandinavian roll.  RT-WF8721.  It is an old favorite tune sung by the Scandinavian Immigrants thinking of their family back home.  Roughly translated says "Hello to those back home"   I think you will enjoy it even if you are not Scandinavian. So listen to it and order a copy today! TusenTakk!

RT-WF8721     Hälsa Dem Därhemma Swedish by Elith Worsing   a great Scandinavian tune! With lyric sheet in both Swedish and English  and even Swinglish for pronunciation      $15.00  sold out

RT-B602     Bluin' the Blues   Imperial 512660   played by Charlie Straight & Jack Clyde Words by S Michell, Music by H.W. Ragas of the original Dixieland Jazz Band. A bonus with this roll is you will get a FREE copy of the sheet music.    Sale Price is  $11.00 Sold out

RT-B603     the Down Home Blues      QRS 1797   Played by James P Johnson Words and music by Tom Delaney, 1921 A bonus with this roll is a lyric sheet.               Sale Price is  $11.00  

RT-B604     Home Again Blues     Vocalsyle 11894   played by Emil Seidel     Words and music by Irving Berlin and Harry Akst, 1920  A bonus with this roll is a lyric sheet.             Sale Price is  $11.00
RT-B606     Lonesome Lovesick Blues    Supertone 10274    music by Erdman, Cubn and Jones. 1921 A bonus with this roll is a lyric sheet.       Sale Price is  $11.00

RT-B608     Mockingbird Blues     Columbia 688   played by Bagwell & Love  by triangle music 1923                             A bonus with this roll is a lyric sheet.              Sale Price is  $11.00  

RT-B609     Nobody Blues      QRS 100372   Arranged and played by  Phil Goldberg                    Sale Price is  $11.00
RT-B613     Crazy Blues      Vocalstyle 11868   played by Walter Davison      Music by Perry Bradford. A lyric sheet is included with this roll.  A special thanks to the Great - Great - Grand nephew of Walter Davison, who  has graciously provided information and pictures about  Walter and his band, the "Louisville Loons" which are also included for your reading pleasure.             Sale Price is  $11.00

RT-B615          Yankee Doodle Blues Lyrics by Ceasar & DeSylva, Music by George Gershwin.   Played by Clayton Hallowell  from a Jewel 4097 roll  $11.00

RT-B616          Ev'rybody's Crazy `Bout The Doggone Blues, But I'm Happy”, by  Creamer & Layton, played by Eubie Blake. Recut from the original Rythmodik X101103  A very rare roll indeed! My understanding is that Collectors have been searching for a copy of this roll for years and this is the first time a copy has surfaced. Lyric sheet included. This rare roll was furnished by Richard Friedman and loaned to provide copies for collectors. So, don't miss out on a chance of a lifetime to own a copy of this roll. One collectors said he has been searching for a copy for over 50 years.  $11.00


RT-B605     I've Got the Blue Ridge Blues      Imperial   9737    played by Clarence Jones  Words and music by Mason, Cooke & Whiting. A bonus with this roll is you will get a FREE copy of the sheet music.         Sale Price is  $11.00  sold out
RT-B607     Melancholy Blues   (the Yodlin Blues)  QRS 749 played by J Russell Robinson      Words and music by Ollie Dobrow, Spencer Williams and J. Russell Robinson, 1918. A bonus with this roll is a lyric sheet.               Sale Price is  $11.00     Sold out
RT-B610     Boll Weevil Blues    Melodee 4259 Played by Eubie Blake  A fantastic Blues roll! ! This roll has a picture of Eubie on the roll leader and comes with a lyric sheet with the words.    Sale Price is  $11.00 Sorry it is sold out.
RT-B611          Dangerous Blues by Anna & Billie Brown Played by J. R. Robinson 1921 QRS1630  Lyric sheet included Sale Price is  $11.00 Sorry it is sold out.
RT-B614          Back Water Blues   Played by Finisher Johnson from an Atlas 3321 roll. The lyrics were composed by that great Blues singer,  Bessie Smith. James P. Johnson may have collaborated in composing the music.  It beats any other roll I have ever heard. did I mention you get a lyric sheet and historical notes as well on why it was composed?  $11.00   Sorry it is sold out.

Fox Trot rolls out of stock
RT-FT1001     Keeps On A-Rainin' Papa, He Can't Make No Time by Spencer Williams, Played by J. R. Robinson QRS755  . Very interesting tune!     Sale Price is  $11.00 .   

RT-FT1002     STEPPIN' IN SOCIETY     Melodee 47040     by Akst, played by Edythe Baker  $11.00

Comes with lyric sheet, pictures of Edythe Baker and notes about Her and Harry Akst. sold out
RT-FT1003     SWEET MAMA (Papa's Getting Mad) Fox Trot-Blues Melodee S2963   by Rose, played by Eubie Blake $11.00 Comes with a lyric sheet   sold out


RT-M701       Medley of Song Hits from Current Broadway Successes  QRS 200499  Played by Phil Ohman. 1. Rose of Washington Square      2. Little church around the corner 3. Just like a Gypsy 4. Left alone again Blues 5. Irene 6. Whose baby are you.  I really like this medley and I think you will too! This is the roll that I used in the Pumper contest in Boston this year at the AMICA convention.                                      $14.00 per copy plus shipping. Sorry it is sold out.
RT-M702  Big White Store Medley No. 3. 1. Ballin' the jack, 2. Ruben, 3. Medowbrook, 4. He's a rag picker, 5. Poor Pauline, 6. I've only one idea about the girls and that's to love 'em Arranged by E. H. Dart QRS 41849       Preceding the Super Kmart and Wal-Mart, about the time of the 5 and dime, (Do you remember the 5 and dime?) there was a store in San Francisco called the Big White Store. I am sure it is long gone by now and I don't know who may have taken it over. Does anyone remember it? Each year some of these of stores gave out free rolls for their anniversary celebrations.   Sale Price is  $14.00   Sorry it is sold out.
RT-M703         Fox Trot Medley  QRS AUTOMATIC 100218 1. Harriman cakewalk, 2. We'll have a jubilee in my old Kentucky home, 3. Dr. Brown              This roll has three complete tunes and as a bonus has the expression perforations for use on the Seeburg and other expression pianos.                                                 Sale Price is  $15.00  Sold out, you will have to order a production run of 5 copies.  
Rt-M704     ONE-STEP MEDLEY No. 13     Eighty Eight Note  27406  Introducing (1) I Think We've Got Another Washington and Wilson Is His Name;  (2) Royal Arab;  (3)  King of Trots.  Arranged by Ellis Linder             Sale price is  $12.00 This is one of our latest rolls. Try it! It is great. Limited edition  Sorry it is sold out.
Ragtime rolls that are out of stock
RT-R801      Cannon ball rag QRS 100058   played by Ed Pirsell       A bonus with this roll is you will get a FREE copy of the sheet music.        Sale Price is  $11.00            sorry sold out
RT-R802      the Fig Leaf Rag  Rythmodik 10802   played by Pete Wendling    One step for dancing by Wm. R. Lawrence. This is a much more peppy rag than the more sedate Scot Joplin rag of the same title. You will enjoy Pete's performance.      Sale Price is  $11.00  sorry sold out
RT-R803      Hilarity Rag  Kimball 5248   by Jas. Scott  This roll will really give your player a run for its money as it plays from note 4 all the way up to note 86 and 88. Probably the first time your player has ever played these notes. On some player pianos these notes may trigger your reroll.                       Sale Price is  $11.00       Sorry sold out!
RT-R804     Saskatoon Rag QRS 32016   by Phil Goldberg Another great tune by Phil Goldberg!                   Sale Price is  $11.00         Sorry sold out!
RT-R805          American Dancers Rag by Alden  Royal Music Co. 3005     Sale Price is  $11.00
RT-R806          Crazy Bone Rag  by Charles Johnson Perfection 80492  Sheet music included with next 2 copies. After the next two copies are sold, the sheet music will only be provided for $1.00 if desired. Have decided time and expense are too great. Sorry!   Sale Price is  $11.00 sorry sold out
RT-R807        My Favorite Rag Composed and played by James White, Rolla Artis 50201     Sale Price is  $11.00 I found this one while looking for another roll. It was in a box with no label. The title, just made me play it. I think the composer, probably did consider it "My favorite Rag" I think you will also agree! Understand, that James White only recorded two rags on Rolla Artis. He was a Black musician and moved to Canada in the late 1930's and that's about what I know about him. sorry sold out.

RT-TM4001       Tangled Tunes A potpourri of 108 Favorite Melodies humorously arranged by Albert W. Ketelbey.  Angelus Artistyle 92621 This is the roll I performed over in London England at the AMICA convention.   A bonus with this roll is a complete listing of the 107 tunes for this roll. The roll gives credit to all the people who provided information on the roll, Albert W. Ketelbey, etc. A big thanks to all those people.    $20.00 plus shipping Sold out!    

Sold out Odds and ends
RT-OE901    African Beauty two step 88 note   by Arthur Pryor                    Sale Price is  $11.00

RT-OE905    St. Louis Tickle  88 note 6404   by Barney & Seymour          Sale Price is  $11.00

RT-OE907    The Mystic City (about the KKK)  Windles special  Will furnish a lyric sheet of the words  Notes provided about this roll by long time roll collector, Mike Montgomery. A big thanks to him for this information.             Sale Price is  $11.00      Sorry it is now sold out! This roll will not be redone!
RT-OE911        Bow Wow One Step played by J. R. Robinson 1920 QRS 1115    Bonus! Lyric sheet included Sale Price is  $11.00
RT-OE912 .      Brown Skin by Barton & Mills, Played by Will McAllister. This One Step was copied from the original DeLuxe 15471.  Another fantastic roll!   $15.00  
RT-A53153        Mr. Jazz Himself    Fox Trot by Irving Berlin Played by Victor Arden 1917 AMPICO recording first made in 1917. Terrific Jazzy number. Will also play on 88 note player pianos!  $15.00 Sold out
RT-WL3001     Welte Licensee B7117  Instrumental Medley 1. Sweet Georgia Brown 2. Craving 3. Ukulele Lady Played by Stuart Gregory 1925. Not! Just A very nice medley for the Welte. It is a Fantastic Medley for any piano.           Sale Price is  $15.00 sorry it is again sold out
RT-WL3002     Nocturne after “Cantique de Noel by Adam, Played by Katinka Narinska  Welte licensee, copied from the original Deluxe player roll B-6578. Perfect for the season or any other time of the year. A fantastic performance. Get it even if you don't have a Welte.  $25.00  sorry it is again sold out   
These rolls below have not been done yet and probably will not be done, unless you find 20 people to do a production run.
RT-B601     Somebody's wrong Blues roll Vocalstyle 12656 1923 played by Billy Waterworth. The roll labels it a fox-trot. But it definitely is a beautiful blues number. One you will certainly want in your collection.     
RT-OE902  Charleston Ball “Brown skin revue” US 42431   played by Cal Welch          
RT-OE903  Cotton Blossom time      QRS 31317   by Wenrich
RT-OE904  Everybody shimmies now  Simplex 7761   played by Doris Goodwin     
RT-OE908  There's a lump of sugar down in Dixie      QRS 100805   played by Max Kortlander     
RT-OE909  Who         US 43492   Played by Lee Sims     
RT-OE910 the Subway Glide      QRS 100009   composed by Norman. So it must be a great roll. Played by Lee s. Roberts
     DUO ART
RT-DA2001     Duo-Art roll      First Bagatelle Composed and played by Maurice Dambios recorded February 14, 1922.  This roll was never issued by the Aeolian company! it is very nice and a rare recording.      
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