Repair Parts & Services

We are currently sold out of all roll repair parts and no longer stock the mending tissue.  Thanks for your business in the past.  If you do need the tape contact us and we will suggest options. The tape is still available at other sources.

Roll repair Parts:  Part A, B, C and D are  non-bid items: Simply add them to your order.

Part A:     Document Repair Tape: This is the repair tape that you should be using to repair your rolls! The tape is very thin and has a neutral pH. In other words it is acid free, with a stable acid free adhesive, so it will not damage your roll. It should protect your music roll and should not cause any of the problems associated with other tapes.  It is 1/2” wide by  600”.  

We no longer stock the mending tissue tape.

B.  Small Brown piano roll boxes  $2.00 each. Suitable for either Duo Art or 88 note rolls. We have a very limited quantity to first come, first served.  We are currently sold out of boxes. 

We do have a lot of used boxes and they are $1.00 plus shipping. {Please note we will add a used roll in each box as it is cheaper to ship rolls than empty boxes.  so shipping rates are the same as is you bought a roll}

Bargain lots of used boxes. They are shipped with rolls in them as it is cheaper as we can use media mail….. There are limited quantities, so order when you place your bids….  Rolls in boxes may or may not be defective and may need a little TLC to repair them if you want to fix them.  Some are great rolls….

Bargain lot 1:   Four Jumbo B boxes.  Includes, hand made jumbo B flanges, plus a roll that can be used for parts, end tab, paper, etc.  $20.00 plus shipping if shipped with wins.  Sorry only one lot. 

Bargain lot 4. Old original used 88 note large boxes with roll $1.50 plus shipping

Bargain lot 5: old original used 88 note small boxes with roll $1.00 plus shipping

Bargain lot 6: old original used 88 note rolls without boxes or parts of boxes. you can still use the flanges, end tabs, and paper.   $0.50 each plus shipping.


New boxes are too expensive? Why not buy our bargain lots of used, slightly defective rolls and use the parts? Boxes, flanges, tubes, leaders, paper, etc or fix them. there are probably some fantastic rolls that may only need a little fixing! We will sell 88 note rolls that need major repairs with good boxes for $1.00 each.  Order as many as you would like..

C. Small flanges  10 pair $4.00   We are currently sold out

D. cardboard tubes  10 for  $3.00    We are currently sold out

Box and roll labels: We will make you a pair of box or roll labels for your purchase that are replicas of the original, damaged or missing labels. They are produced at the price of $1.00 per pair.    Now is a good time to have new labels made for boxes that are missing them.

Here are some other Sources of parts and materials
             that may be useful in repairing and preserving your rolls.
Fancy Roll Leaders.      Order from AMICA International. Brian Meeder, 904-A W. Victoria Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101-4745. Email Address
 The types available are Duo-Art, A Brown on buff, Black on Ivory, B for photo, C for title, D Black on white very late. AMPICO, two types, and Welte Brown on buff.

Player piano parts:     Player Piano Co. Inc., 704 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas 67202. Phone (316) 263-3241  I am sad to say that Durrell Armstrong has passed away and we are not sure of the status of the player piano parts business at this time

Piano Roll Box Label Maker:   Jon Miller passed away in May 2018 and we are all hoping that someone will take over the wonderful label maker that Jon made

updated July 5, 2018