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FOR SALE & WANT ADS;     From time to time, space permitting, will list customer ads. In the old days before the advent of the internet, Ads that were placed, were from people I personally knew and could vouch for their honesty and integrity. Today, with the internet,  I receive ads from people around the world, whom I don't personally know. Therefore I advise caution in your dealing. I am sure the people who do place an ad are honest, but I want you to view the items and use caution in your dealings.  This is not an endorsement of any product listed for sale. Remember -Caveat Emptier!  Check things out before you buy. Caveat Emptor!

Well I never thought I would need to warn sellers, but there is a new scam going on with big ticket items that you should be aware of. It goes like this:"I want to buy your (piano, music box, organ). I live in another country and my agent will be acting for me." They give long-winded information in poorly written English concerning how the deal will be transacted, but they never ask anything about the item itself or the shipping details. They go on to say that they will be sending a check, always for more than the asking price, and want to be refunded the difference. (Why send a check for more than the amount?) Since they all use the same method of operation, they're easy to spot, but they are a nuisance.  If you are contacted by such a person, report them to your local police and FBI and lets get these *#@$# (I cannot put the words here in print) off to jail where they can make license plates and be a productive member of society.   Always confirm that the check is good, wait until your bank confirms the check is good, before releasing your merchandise......And don't send a refund or pass money to a moving company until you have confirmed the legitimacy of the check you received.

For Sale:  Piano rolls. www.Jackstuff.com , on the Internet since 1995, has just added an extensive inventory of music rolls for sale. View a large photo of each roll with box so you can judge condition for yourself. Rolls are in alphabetical order; scan thru and enlarge what interests you. Almost all are QRS rolls that have hardly been played. Mostly popular, some ragtime, classical, holiday, etc. (Some older rolls will be added once they're photographed.) Buy one or buy a bunch. Free shipping on all rolls.

www.jackstuff.com    -- Serving your needs for needles since 1995. We also carry over 500 replacement phonograph needles, for vintage record players and more modern turntables. Expert advice is available if you don't know which needle you need. Free shipping on all needles, too.
Please remember: never clean your stylus with a (Q-Tip type) cotton swab. Swabs are made of LOOPS that can snag the jewel and pull it off the tip, ruining your needle. Use only a soft or medium bristle brush to clean your needle.  Posted, June 7, 2018


For Sale: For sale, 1927 mason Hamlin 7 foot model A Ampico. Completely restored, by Reiter Michigan Piano, Renner action, Zeiner replaced Sound board, one piece ivory keys, etc. Player completely restored meticulously by Doug McGee. , with roll cabinet and approx 250 rolls. $ 35,000. Location Wisconsin. . Email.... pac.antiques@dcwis.com. Posted September 28, 2017

For Sale: Steinway XR 1923 Duo-Art  Pianola.  The instrument was rebuilt in 1971.  The case was refinished , the strings were replace , New hammers, and the player was rebuilt by a Mr. Valerio.  Instrument is located in Danbury Conn. Asking price $6,400 Contact  Ben @ belfryhistoric@verizon.net   Posted October 22, 2012

WANTED- Long Playing 88 note roll of the Complete "William Tell Overture" preferably played by Claude Mellnote on the label.
Contact George at phonemanaa@yahoo.com      Posted April 29, 2009

Wanted:Red Welte wind motor and governor.  Contact Kirk Russell at russellmusicco@aim.com

Posted: October 13, 2008

Wanted:Fisher Lincoln turnover turntable, model 70, 65, 60, 50.  Contact Kirk Russell at russellmusicco@aim.com
Posted: October 13, 2008


Flanges for Welte rolls, Red (T-100), Philharmonic Pipe Organ and Orchestrion. All use the same style. I'll be selling them thru Master Welte Studio in Charles Town, WV, (Mark Reinhart). I can be reached at weltemignon@hotmail.com for full information.
Mark Zahm  Posted 2-18-02