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 Collector Organizations:
             AMICA    AMICA, or Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Association,  is an educational nonprofit organization founded in San Francisco in 1963 by a group of local collectors who felt that there should be an organization more dedicated to the preservation, restoration and appreciation of historic automatic musical instruments.  Primarily, but not limited to, roll playing mechanical instruments. They cover the gamut from player pianos, reproducing player pianos, player reed and pipe organs, nickelodeons, orchestrations, band organs, etc.

           MBSI       MBSI, or Musical Box Society International, is a nonprofit society, dedicated to the enjoyment, study, and preservation of automatic musical instruments. It was established in 1949. Not only does it cover the above player instruments, but also from music boxes, phonographs and just about anything else in the mechanical music field.

           Reed Organ Society     Founded in 1981, the Reed Organ Society is an international, nonprofit organization devoted to the appreciation, study, collection, restoration and preservation of reed organs. They cover both player and non-player reed organs, from small hand cranked to the large Aeolian Orchestrelles, etc.

           MMD         Mechanical Music Digest
Founded by Robbie Rhodes. A great forum for just about anything in the Mechanical Music field. You can ask questions, read about all things in mechanical music. They have a great archives, with pictures, and technical information. They also have a great set of links to other sites. Go to the Mechanical Music Digest on your browser and Karl Ellison did a fantastic job of putting together in one place just about all the sites you could possibly want to visit. There you can link to just about anything in the Mechanical Music field. All the above links and all the below listed companies or individuals mentioned will be found at the MMD's web site. Since these are all covered, I really see no need to list any other links.


           QRS      Has been in continuous business for over 100 years. Visit them when you are in Buffalo NY.  Buy some of their rolls and keep them going for another 100 yeas.

          Master Touch  Located in Australia. I hate to say this, but the company is no longer in business. Apparently it is now in a museum and it is doubtful if they will ever produce any rolls.

           Keystone    Great place for AMPICO and Duo Art reproducing rolls. They have the original perforators from Aeolian Co. and many of the master rolls of AMPICO. Good news! They are now back in business.

Limited Edition Music rolls
              Joyce Brite

             Julian Dyer in the UK

             David Saul  (Presision rolls)

             Leedy Music

             Tim Baxter  (Meloria Rolls)

              Robin Pratt

              Bob Deland

              Karl Ellison

              Don Rand

               Artcraft rolls

       Don Rand
       Paul Gottshalk
        John Motto-Ros

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