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We will not be selling any more of these stools outside of Virginia.  The Agriculture department says that there is a quarantine on certain wood products and they do not want any insect pests moved from state to state.  We don't think our stools have any, but we will not risk it.

But come on down and pick out some  We now have 6 available and they will come with saddles.

Saddle-up your own Western or English saddle on our hand-crafted, Rustic saddle Bar Stools, and have your guests think they are riding in the old west, or  on a fox hunt with an English saddle.

We added a new sun room to the house, before the economy took a dive and ruined our retirement, and wanted a western theme, a western bar and some rustic western saddle bar stools and our home builder said "Let me do those"  We love them and thought maybe some of you out there might want some as well.
Our builder is hurting in the economy and said he would build some more, to help support his family in this economic time.
There are no two alike. They do now come with saddles, or you get to put your own saddles on them.


updated September 30, 2009  now updated March 30, 2017