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CLOSING DATE Sunday, October ?, 2017  {not ready as yet}
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Updated Monday August 14, 2017. Summer sale.  all ampico, duo art and welte rolls from roll auction 46 to auction 52, the minimum bids are now $5.00

Summer sale on all 88 note rolls from roll auction 46 to auction 52, the minimum bids are now $2.00.  Simply buy us out. Thanks!


 For those who wish to print out sections of the auction.  Here are some hints to keep the amount of pages to print, down.  The auction is originally made using Times New Roman and font 8.  So to print out your pages;  

1. copy  the page or pages you wish to print. 

2. Paste them in your word program.

3. do a "select all" under edit. 

4. Then go to font size and select font 8.  This will reduce the page size down to fit a standard page. 

5. Then do your print. I also use legal size paper (8-1/2-14) to reduce the amount of pages.  Hope this helps.   Good luck with your bidding!