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“I just finished reading your book, Northern Storm Rising, and I want to compliment you on it. It was outstanding.”



From Christian Marketplace Magazine:


This is the first time I have come across a book by Ron Rhodes, but what a brilliant introduction! Ron has done a very thorough investigation into the state of the world today—especially in the Middle East....I have just read an advance manuscript copy of this book, but I shall certainly be buying several copies of the final book, one to keep and some to give to friends.
(Margaret Vaughan)



Unsolicited Comments from Readers:

"Finished Northern Storm Rising. It was excellent."


“We just finished Northern Storm Rising and believe that it is one of the very best books on prophecy and current events. Thank you.”

“I have read the book Northern Storm Rising and I loved it very much.”

“I read your book Northern Storm Rising and was captivated. I did not want to put the book down! Great Work!”

"I want to congratulate you on a fantastic book (Northern Storm Rising).  I finished it about a week ago, and really thought it was very well written." (R.W.)

"I found this book to be very interesting, as the teacher of an adult Sunday School Class, I will refer back to this on many occasions."




More Reader Comments...

I am emailing you from Sydney Australia. I have just finished reading your book; Northern Storm Rising. An awesome book.


“Thanks for the book and keep up the good work brother! Yes, I have enjoyed the book very much I am very close to the end of the book.”

“Your book, Northern Storm Rising, was recommended by our pastor, Raul Ries, of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, CA. I started reading the book yesterday and could not put it down.... Keep up the great work and God bless you, your family, and all my brothers and sisters faithfully serving alongside you and your ministry.

“I've just started reading Northern Storm Rising and am finding some of your information both fascinating and horrifying.... These are very interesting times we live in, more that I would have guessed 20 or 30 years ago.”

“Your book was factual, exacting, and concise, and written to be easily understood. Even though the topic was not what peaceful people desire to hear, it comes straight from THE BOOK and will all be fulfilled according to HIS plan and purposes.... I wanted to thank you for your effort."




More Comments...

“My wife and I recently read your new book, Northern Storm Rising, and really loved it. Those ‘signs’ just keep showing up! Thanks again and best regards.”

I am in the process of reading your book, Northern Storm Rising.  It is without a doubt the best I have read on the subject matter....Your book is tremendous.  Keep up your work for our Lord.


“I really enjoyed reading your excellent book Northern Storm Rising this year. This story would make a great movie some day. Do you have any plans to write any new books on this subject again? It seems we are getting closer to these events with all the things going on today.

“I just bought your book, Northern Storm Rising. I am enjoying it a lot.... Thanks for your hard work, the book is wonderful...

“I was given your book titled Northern Storm Rising -- very interesting and an eye opener.”

Northern Storm Rising is fantastic. As one whose job entails research in nuclear weaponry, I can tell you that your section on the nuclear threat -- and what happens during a nuclear attack -- is right on target. My wife can’t wait to read it!”

“I really enjoyed reading your latest book, Northern Storm Rising. You offer a very understandable interpretation and one that makes the most sense.... Your book has helped me to have an increased appreciation for God and the power and control he has over the whole universe. Also, to be less worried about the things that seem to be out of control, because they are not.



Comment from Dr. Jeffrey Seif, co-host of the Zola Levitt TV Show:

"After examining Northern Storm, I can see why the name of Rhodes' ministry is "Reasoning from the Scriptures." Dr. Ron Rhodes does just that in his latest volume, where he calmly and cogently gives a forceful telling of how the modern world and the ancient Word are in each other's embrace in this interesting hour. I am pleased to commend Northern Storm Rising. I find his reader friendly volume helpful, both personally and professionally: personally, it helps me to see Word and world events more clearly; professionally, the fact that Dr. Rhodes labors to integrate worthy source material as he goes, and carefully documents his so doing, enables me to utilize his insights with more confidence, and for this I am pleased."


The prophet Ezekiel reveals in chapters 38 and 39 that an unimaginably huge military coalition from the north will one day launch an invasion into Israel. It is the purpose of Northern Storm Rising to explore the details of Ezekiel’s prophecy.

After providing an overview of biblical prophecy in chapter 1, chapters 2 through 5 deal with critically important issues that help us to better understand the nature of current world tensions in general and the Israel-Arab conflict in particular. They also provide important data that may relate to setting the stage for a future massive invasion into Israel that was prophesied by Ezekiel some 2600 years ago. More specifically, chapter 2 deals with the rise of radical Islam in the world—and how this form of Islam constitutes a particular threat against the nation of Israel. Chapter 3 deals with the “emerging nuclear nightmare”—more specifically, the attaining of nuclear weapons by Iran, the virtual epicenter of terrorist activities in the world. Chapter 4 deals with the ever-increasing worldwide addiction to black gold (oil), and how possession and control of this black gold may motivate military action on the part of some nations. Finally, chapter 5 deals with “land battles,” focusing explicitly on the issue: To whom does the holy land really belong?

Chapter 6 then investigates the various ways Ezekiel 38 and 39 have been interpreted through the centuries. While some have taken these biblical chapters figuratively, Northern Storm Rising argues that this prophecy is quite literal. Chapter 7 then identifies that nations of Ezekiel 38 that will constitute the northern military coalition against Israel. Magog refers to the geographical area in the southern portion of the former Soviet Union—probably including the former southern Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and possibly even northern parts of modern Afghanistan. Rosh—a much-debated term—likely refers to modern Russia, to the uttermost north of Israel. Meshech and Tubal refer to the geographical territory to the south of the Black and Caspian Seas of Ezekiel’s day, which is today modern Turkey. Persia refers to modern Iran. Persia became Iran in 1935 and the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. Ethiopia refers to the geographical territory to the south of Egypt on the Nile River—what is today known as Sudan. Put, a land to the west of Egypt, is modern-day Libya. The term may also include the modern-day countries of Algeria and Tunisia. Gomer apparently refers to part of the geographical territory in modern Turkey. Beth-togarmah also apparently refers to modern-day Turkey, though it may also include Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Chapter 8 then raises the question as to whether America is addressed in biblical prophecy. And if America is not addressed in biblical prophecy, the more important question becomes: Why not? Northern Storm Rising investigates a number of possible scenarios, including an economic collapse, a nuclear attack, and electro-magnetic pulse attack, and the effect of the rapture of the church. It seems clear from biblical prophecy that no nation comes to the rescue of Israel when the northern coalition invades, but God alone repels the attack.

Chapters 9, 10, and 11 then provide details on the actual invasion, the defeat of the invading forces by God, and the aftermath of the invasion. Chapters 12 and 13 then provide insights regarding the timing of the invasion. After examining all options, Northern Storm Rising suggests that the invasion will take place either early in the tribulation period, or prior to the beginning of the tribulation but after the rapture of the church.

The closing chapter is entitled, “How, Then, Should We Live?” It provides insights regarding how Christians ought to carry on their lives as prophecies are fulfilled before our very eyes.

In the event that an unbeliever reads the book, an appendix is included that explains how to become a Christian.

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