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Drum Beats CD

Drum Beats is a journey, a solo all-drum CD, featurning a 37 minute drum solo arrangment, 14 short samples extracted from this journey, and a spiritually-energized, electronic percussion arrangement, with all parts played by Robin.  Drum Beats is a CD for the studying drummer, the percussion lover, for those who possess a spiritual, and healing connection with drumming, and for those who enjoy listening to a full set of drums, played in length, with skill, passion, and vibriant creativity.


Copyright 2004, Robin Russell, BMI

WARNING!  Any sampling of this CD requires written permission, a sampling fee, and sampling license. 

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Drums Beats is dedicated to my parents, Mom & Pop Russell, and Angela Russell.

Drum Beats was recorded in April 2003, at Westside Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA, by Lawrence Burns.  ProTools final engineering by Nate Littleloh, Los Angeles, CA, May 2004.  Griffzzzzz was recorded by Robin Russell, at Rob's Music Room, Pasadena, CA, March 2003.