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Thank you for visiting RUBYGLOW BENGALS in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Click "CHAMPIONS" at bottom of page to see kittens and cats FOR SALE!

We breed show quality kittens from champion lineage - one precious litter at a time. Our cats are hand raised and exquisitely socialized. Never caged.

We BREED and TRAIN for:

* Carefully selected champion lines
* Intelligent responses
* Vivid earth-tone colors
* Affectionate behavior
* Striking contrast with rosetting
* Good manners
* Wild looking faces
* Loving healthy natures
* Silky coats with golden glitter
* Charming purrrrsonalities
* Darkly spotted whited tummies
* Playfulness

APPEARANCE: Bengals can be spotted, marbled, glittered and rosetted. Glitter means the tip of each hair looks like it is tinged with 24 karat gold. Rosetting means a third color, different from the ground color, appearing as donut/circle/arrow shaped markings with lighter fur inside. This is very desireable as leopards have rosettes. The trait is noticeably different from spots. When glitter is present the cat looks like it is wearing a halo and shimmering. All this adds to the unique quality of your Bengal's beautiful coat.

Pelting is a feel that almost can't be described. It is lush, full, and silky-soft beyond your wildest expectations, and is a special aspect of the breed.

Bengals have a distinct "M" on their forheads, and generally grow to be the size of a medium domestic cat. Their tails should have a black or dark brown tip. Paw pads must also be black or dark brown. Faces will have wide whisker pads which are lighter in color than the rest of the face. The large eyes should be outlined in black. Surrounding that is creamy white shading, emulating the look of eye-shadow. Noses are preferred full, with very little indentation in the side view. Heads will be egg or wedge-like in shape. The tummy is light to white with black spots.

From four weeks to about sixteen weeks, Bengals go through "the fuzzies." This is an inherited trait from the ALC. It served in the wild to protect and mute the baby's coloring. This camouflage will gradually go away and allow the true, rich markings to re-surface. It can take as long as one year or more to accomplish.
You will love how your Bengal develops into a truly exquisite wild looking feline.

All of our furry friends have the run of the house and sleep with us in our beds. We reward them for purring and also for coming to us when called. They do so at a glance. Our Bengals are fed only premium kitten and adult wet and dry cat food. We also administer vitamin and herbal supplements.

RUBYGLOW BENGALS is proud to be associated with TICA, TIBCS and UFO.

A BRIEF HISTORY: Today's Bengal cats are the result of the original careful breeding between The Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and other domestics. Some of the beautiful felines used in this creative endeavor have been Egyptian Maus, Abyssinians, and Ocicats. The more unusual Snow Leopards came as a happy surprise with the introduction of Millwood Finally Found, a mixed domestic pound tabby carrying the Siamese colorations. Snows can be spotted or marbled in design.

FOUNDATIONS: F-1 means first generation offspring. This comes from the mating between an ALC and a domestic. Because F-1 kittens are one generation removed from The Asian Leopard Cat, they don't usually become your traditional house pets, and will be rather shy because of their wild heritage. F-1 males are sterile. With continued matings, F-2, F-3, F-4, the subsequent generations become more and more domesticated. The letters 'SBT' stand for "Stud Book Status" and is the generation after F-3. Only SBT's are shown in professional competitions. Champion Bengals resemble their ALC ancestors in a number of wonderful exotic ways.

PURRRRSONALITY: Bengals are highly intelligent, very friendly, and independent. Part of the breeding program is to keep The Asian Leopard Cat's admirable self-confidence. These are "people animals" and they expect attention. Bengals will play fetch until you get tired, run in water when you are showering, and jump higher than you could ever believe possible. Our cats get along well with other animals, and are gentle. Bengals love to be massaged.

When your friends see them for the first time you should expect many compliments on the magestic and wild appearance of these stunning cats. Today a frequently heard phrase is, "They are breathtakingly beautiful art in motion." Well-socialized Bengal kittens will win over anyone who comes near them. In fact, they are so beautiful, you'll want to keep them indoors for safety. Our contract requires this.


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