Take a Stretch Break From Your Computer
The following exercises are examples you can break through sections of your day to relive medical problems. EXERCISE SHOULD NOT CAUSE DISCOMFORT SO BE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY TO PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS. Seek advice from your doctor before beginning these stretches and also know the limits of your chair before leaning. Remember to start out easy during the program

There is absolutely no need to feel grief for giving yourself breaks from task at your workplace. Health insurance companies encourage breaks as to help lower workers comp and insurance claims. More so it is your life, your health which you can invest and prevent injuries. This investment occurs through just a few mini stretch breaks during your day that you can set timers as reminders. The benefits if these micro breaks can relieve not only physical discomfort but enhance mood.

Relax, and enjoy with each set by holding the stretch 5 to 10 seconds provided by following exercises below.

 Hold arms straight out in front of body tilt your
hands up and down swiveled from wrist. Then curl your hand down with fingers tucked-in


                          FOREARM STRETCHES

                            Place palms together with fingers pointing toward
                            ceiling. Keeping palms together, slowly lower hands
                            until you feel a stretch.


 Tuck your chin.

Tilt your head toward each shoulder.
Turn your head from side to side, look over your

 Keep your head aligned, DO NOT stick your neck
                  HAND STRETCHES

Make a fist, then span or spread your fingers as far
 as possible.
                          SHOULDER STRETCHES


                            Shrug your shoulders, then relax them. Roll your
                            shoulders forward and backward. Gently shake your

                            Pinch your shoulder blades together.

                            Reach over head and stretch, while stretching do
                            side bends.

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                            UPPER BACK & ARM STRETCHES

                            While sitting...

                            Sit up straight, place your hands behind your head,
                            move your elbows backwards to pinch your
                            shoulder blades together.

                            Stretch your arms behind your back.

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                            LOWER BACK STRETCHES

                            While sitting...

                            Bend forward in your chair and if able touch hands
                            to floor.

                            Grasp leg at shin, slowly pull leg up to your chest.
                            Repeat with other leg.

                            If you have knee pain, place hands behind thighs
                            and slowly pull.

                            While standing...

                            Place hands on hips, bend backward.
                            Do these as well...

                              1.Get out of your chair and walk. Our bodies were
                                 created to move and change positions.
                              2.Alternate typing tasks with break jobs or alternate work
                              3.Reduce repetitions.
                              4.Take stretch breaks.

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                            UPPER BACK
                            & UPPER ARM STRETCHES

                            Interlace your fingers with palms facing away from
                            you body, straighten your arms and lift them toward
                            the ceiling.
                           Wrists bent to the sides when using side keys
Additional material on stretching can be found in my free classes



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